John Michael Montias

John Michael Montias
Art at auction in 17th century Amsterdam
Amsterdam, 2002

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Zwolle, 2000

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J.M. Montias
Vermeer and his milieu, a web of social history
Princeton, New Jersey, 1989

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New York, 1988

John Michael Montias
Artists and artisans in Delft, A socio-economic study of the seventeenth century
Princeton, N.J., 1982

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Reviews and review articles
John Michael Montias, Review: Dutch society in the age of Vermeer, in Oud Holland, 111, 1997 pp. 196-200  read online

John Michael Montias, Review: De wereld binnen handbereik, in Simiolus, 22, 1993/1994 pp. 99-105
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