Pierre Bonnard, The late still lifes and interiors

Dita Amory (ed.)

Title:Pierre Bonnard, The late still lifes and interiors
Place:New York; New Haven and London
Publisher:Metropolitan Museum of Art; Yale University Press
Pages:xii, 195
ISBN:1588393089 (Metropolitan Museum of Art : hc), 1588393097 (Metropolitan Museum of Art : pbk.), 0300148895 (Yale University Press, hc)
ISBN13:9781588393081 (Metropolitan Museum of Art : hc), 9781588393098 (Metropolitan Museum of Art : pbk.), 9780300148893 (Yale University Press : hc)
Related persons: Pierre Bonnard

Catalogue to the exhibition Pierre Bonnard: The Late Interiors


vi  Thomas P. Campbell, Director's Foreword
vii  Dita Amory, Acknowledgments
3  Dita Amory, The Presence of Objects: Still Life in Bonnard's Late Paintings
31  Rémi Labrusse, A Desire for Dispossession: Portrait of the Artist as a Reader of Mallarmé
47  Jack Flam, Bonnard in the History of Twentieth-Century Art
61  Jacqueline Munck, "The Cat Drank All the Milk!": Bonnard's Continuous Present
69  Rika Burnham, Intelligent Seeing

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