Invention, Northern Renaissance studies in honor of Molly Faries

Julien Chapuis (ed.)

Title:Invention, Northern Renaissance studies in honor of Molly Faries
Pages:xxvii, 231


vii  Julien Chapuis, Molly Faries: Scholar and Mentor
xi  J.R.J. van Asperen de Boer, Laudatio Molly Faries
xiii  , Chronological Bibliography of Molly Faries
2  Alfred Acres, Posing Intentions in Renaissance Painting
20  Victor M. Schmidt, Johan Maelwael and the Beginnings of Netherlandish Canvas Painting
30  Timothy B. Husband, Picturing the Narrative: Compositional Intelligence in the Belles Heures
50  Carol J. Purtle, Intention and Invention in Jan van Eyck's Saint Barbara
64  Catherine A. Metzger and Michael Palmer, The Creative Process in Rogier van der Weyden's Portraits
86  Till-Holger Borchert, Hans Memling and Rogier van der Weyden
94  Anne H. van Buren, Van Lathem's Costumes
104  Maryan W. Ainsworth, Juan de Flandes, Chameleon Painter
124  Philippe Lorentz, The Painter's Role in the Conception of Sculpture: Jean Hey at Chantelle
136  Martha Wolff, Observations on Underdrawings in Paintings by the Master of Moulins
152  Corine Schleif and Volker Schier, Puzzles On and Under the Surface: Changed Subjectivity in the Imhoff Epitaph
162  Walter S. Gibson, Invented in Hell: Bosch's Tree-Man
174  Jeffrey Chipps Smith, Master H.L. and the Challenge of Invention in Different Media
190  Ethan Matt Kavaler, Jacques Du Broeucq and Northern Perspectives on the Antique Mode
208  Larry Silver, Translating Dürer into Dutch