Rembrandt and the Face of Jesus

Lloyd DeWitt (ed.)

Title:Rembrandt and the Face of Jesus
Place:New Haven and London
Publisher:Yale University Press
Pages:xv, 255
ISBN13:9780300169577 (Yale, cloth), 9780876332276 (PMA, cloth), 9780876332283 (PMA : pbk.)
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Catalogue to the exhibition Rembrandt and the Face of Jesus


viii  Henri Loyrette, Timothy Rub, Graham W.J. Beal, Foreword
x  Seymour Slive, Preface
xii  Lloyd DeWitt, Blaise Ducos, George S. Keyes, Ackowledgments
1  George S. Keyes, Perception and Belief, The image of Christ and the meditative turn in Rembrandt's religious art
31  Mark Tucker, Lloyd DeWitt, and Ken Sutherland, The Heads of Christ, A technical survey
75  Larry Silver and Shelley Perlove, Rembrandt's Jesus
109  Lloyd DeWitt, Testing Tradition Against Nature, Rembrandt's radical new image of Jesus
147  Franziska Gottwald, The Heads of Christ in the Context of the Tronie
161  Blaise Ducos, The Orient and Rembrandt's Redefinition of Christ Iconography
179  Blaise Ducos, The Impassibility of the Gods: Rembrandt and Christ
193  Mark Castro, Chronology