Current Issues in 19th-Century Art, Van Gogh Studies I

Title:Current Issues in 19th-Century Art, Van Gogh Studies I
Place:Zwolle; Amsterdam
Publisher:Waanders; Van Gogh Museum


7  Axel RĂ¼ger, Foreword
9  Chris Stolwijk, Preface
14  Robert L. Herbert, Art and the machine in 1896: Henry Nocq, William Morris and the decorative arts
52  Louis van Tilborgh, Van Gogh in Cormon's studio: A chronological puzzle
72  June Hargrove, Against the grain: The sculpture of Paul Gauguin in the context of his contemporaries
112  Joan E. Greer, The artist's correspondence in late nineteenth-century publications on art: The letters of Vincent van Gogh in the Belgian periodical Van Nu & Straks
136  David W. Galenson, Robert Jensen, Careers and canvasas: The rise of the market for modern art in nineteenth-century Paris
168  Elise Eckermann, Out of sight, out of mind? Paul Gauguin's struggle for recognition after his departure for the South Seas in 1895
188  Caroline Boyle-Turner, Paul Gauguin's well rediscovered in Atuona, Hiva Oa (French Polynesia)