The Cambridge Companion to Vermeer

Wayne E. Frantis (editor)

Title:The Cambridge Companion to Vermeer
Publisher:Cambridge University Press
Pages:xxiv, 241
ISBN:0521653304 (hardback), 0521653312 (paperback)
Related persons: Johannes Vermeer


xxi  Kees Kaldenbach, Vermeer Geography, Homes of Artists and Patrons in the Age of Vermeer
1  Wayne Franits, Introduction
8  Wayne Franits, Johannes Vermeer, An Overview of His Life and Stylistic Development
27  Walter Liedtke, Vermeer Teaching Himself
41  Arthur K. Wheelock Jr., Vermeer's Craft and Artistry
54  Lisa Vergara, Perspectives on Women in the Art of Vermeer
73  Elise Goodman, The Landscape on the Wall in Vermeer
89  H. Rodney Nevitt Jr., Vermeer on the Question of Love
111  Valerie Hedquist, Religion in the Art and Life of Vermeer
131  Klaas van Berkel, Vermeer and the Representation of Science
140  Christiane Hertel, Seven Vermeers, Collection, Reception, Response
161  Arthur K. Wheelock Jr. and Marguerite Glass, The Appreciation of Vermeer in Twentieth-Century America

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