Van Gogh in Budapest

Judit Geskó (ed.)

Title:Van Gogh in Budapest
Publisher:Museum of Fine Arts; Vince Books
Related persons: Vincent van Gogh

Catalogue to the exhibition Van Gogh in Budapest


14  László Baán, Words of welcome
16  Judit Geskó, Van Gogh in Budapest
23  Roland Dorn, Vincents Geige, Van Goghs Selbstbild, seine Interpreten und sein Oeuvre
46  Roland Dorn, Vincent's Violin, Van Gogh's Self-Portrait(s), His Interpreters and His Oeuvre
65  Werner Hofmann, Alles reizte ihn zum Widerspruch
74  Werner Hofmann, Everything Provoked Contradiction
83  Oskar Bätschmann, Vincent van Gogh erwählt sich Rembrandt und Delacroix
96  Oskar Bätschmann, Van Gogh Chooses Rembrandt and Delacroix
107  Cornelia Homburg, Van Gogh and Rembrandt: Motivation for a Modern Painter
121  Judit Geskó, The Question of Distortion in Van Gogh's Graphic Art or Might Michelangelo Have Been a Model?
131  Sjraar van Heugten, Nine Lithographs and an Etching. The Graphic Work of Vincent van Gogh
143  Péter Molnos - Judit Geskó, Vincent van Gogh's Works in Hungary
169  Árpád Tímár, The Reception of Van Gogh's Art in Hungary
199  Martha op de Coul, The Brief Life of Vincent van Gogh
375  Ilona Fekete, Vincent van Gogh and French Graphic Arts or the "Faithful Veterans"
385  Judit Geskó, Vincent van Gogh's Musée Imaginaire. Related Works from the Collections of the Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest
399  Monika Bincsik, "A Simple Worshipper of the Eternal Buddha". The Japonisme of Vincent van Gogh
449  Péter Molnos, Parallels and Influences. Van Gogh and Hungarian Painting