Cézanne and Beyond

Joseph J. Rishel and Katherine Sachs (eds.)

Title:Cézanne and Beyond
Place:Philadelphia; New Haven and London
Publisher:Philadelphia Museum of Art; In Association with Yale University Press
Pages:xiii, 585
ISBN:0876332084 (hardcover), 0876332092 (pbk.), 0300141068 (Yale hardcover)
ISBN13:9780876332085 (hardcover), 9780876332092 (pbk.), 9780300141061 (Yale hardcover)
Related persons: Paul Cezanne

Catalogue to the exhibition Cézanne and Beyond


xi  Alice Beamesderfer, Gail Harrity, Foreword
xiii  Alice Beamesderfer, Looking Back and Beyond
1  Joseph J. Rishel and Katherine Sachs, The Making of an Exhibition
19  Adrianne O. Bratis, Chronology
43  Robert Storr, La Famille Cézanne
55  Richard Shiff, Lucky Cézanne (Cézanne Tychique)
103  Yve-Alain Bois, Cézanne and Matisse: From Apprenticeship to creative Misreading
137  Joop M. Joosten, Cézanne and Mondrian: "A New Way to Express the Beauty of Nature"
159  Joseph J. Rishel, Cézanne and Hartley: On Sacred Ground
185  Christopher Green, Cézanne and Léger: Realizing New Sensations
207  John Elderfield, Picasso's Extreme Cézanne
257  John Golding, Cézanne, Braque, and Pictorial Space
279  Mark D. Mitchell, A New Tradition: Cézanne, Demuth, and the Invention of Modern Watercolor
307  Anabelle Kienle, Cézanne and Beckmann: "A Powerful New Pictorial Architecture"
327  Albert Kostenevich, Liubov Popova: From Cézanne to Utopia
351  Jennie Hirsh, For the Love, and Fear, of Painting: Cézanne, Morandi, and Italian Modernism
381  Carolyn Lanchner, Cézanne and Giacometti: An Odd Couple
407  Michael R. Taylor, Learning from "Papa Cézanne": Arshile Gorky and the (Self-)Invention of the Modern Artist
433  Katherine Sachs, Cézanne and Kelly: Painting Form through Color
463  Roberta Bernstein, Cézanne and Johns: "At Every Point in Nature There Is Something to See"
491  Katherine Sachs, Cézanne and Marden: The Almost Perfect Painting
511  Jean-François Chevrier, Jeff Wall: Within the View(ing), or The Spirit of Place