Signac, 1863-1935

Marina Ferretti-Bocquillon, Anne Distel, John Leighton, and Susan Alyson Stein

Title:Signac, 1863-1935
Place:New York; New Haven
Publisher:Metropolitan Museum of Art; Yale University Press
Pages:xii, 340
ISBN:0870999982 (hc.), 0870999990 (pbk.), 0300088604 (Yale University Press)
Related persons: Paul Signac

Catalogue to the exhibition Signac, 1863-1935


vi  Philippe de Montebello, John Leighton, Francine Mariani-Ducray, Director's foreword
3  John Leighton, Out of Seurat's Shadow: Signac, 1863-1935, an introduction
23  Marina Ferretti-Bocquillon, Signac: Drawings and Watercolors
33  Sjraar van Heugten, Signac: The Graphic Work
37  Anne Distel, Portrait of Paul SIgnac: Yachtsman, Writer, Indépendant, and Revolutionary
51  Marina Ferretti-Bocquillon, Signac as a Collector
67  Susan Alyson Stein, An artist among artists: Signac beyond the neo-impressioniost circle

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