The Cult of Beauty, The Victorian Avant-Garde 1860-1900

Stephen Calloway and Lynn Federle Orr (eds.)

assisted by Esmé Whittaker
Title:The Cult of Beauty, The Victorian Avant-Garde 1860-1900
Publisher:V&A Publishing
ISBN13:9781851776283 (hardback), 9781851776290 (paperback)

Catalogue to the exhibition The Cult of Beauty: The Aesthetic Movement


8  Brian Moynihan, Sponsor's Foreword
9  Sir Mark Jones, John E. Buchanan, Jr., Director's Foreword
11  Stephen Calloway, The Search for a New Beauty
24  Lynn Federle Orr, The Cult of Beauty: The Victorian Avant-garde in Context
40  Susan Owens, Literature and the Aesthetic Movement
64  Elizabeth Prettejohn, Aestheticism in Painting
80  Hope Kingsley, Early Aesthetic Photography: Julia Margaret Cameron and David Wilkie Wynfield
84  Suzanne Fagence Cooper, The Musical Ideal in Aesthetic Art
90  Stephen Calloway, 'The Palace of Art': Artists, Collectors and Their Houses
110  Christine M.E. Guth, Japonisme
114  Stephen Calloway, Blue-and-White China
118  Esmé Whittaker, Leighton and Aitchison
120  Stefan Muthesius, The Aesthetic Movement and Architecture
126  Penny Sparke, Furnishing the Aesthetic Interior: Manuals and Theories
134  Gill Saunders, Wallpapers
140  Sonia Ashmore, Aesthetic Textiles
144  Frances Collard, Art and Utility: Furniture Fit for Purpose
148  Sonia Solicari, Ceramics
152  Eric Turner, Aesthetic Metalwork
158  Barbara Bryant, The Grosvenor Gallery, Patronage and the Aesthetic Portrait
178  Margaret D. Stetz, The 'Aesthetic' Woman
184  Lynn Roberts, Artists' Frames
188  David Park Curry, Much in Little Space: Whistler's White and Yellow Exhibition as an Aesthetic Movement Bell-wether
194  Christopher Breward, Aestheticism in the Marketplace: Fashion, Lifestyle and Popular Taste
206  Edwina Ehrman, Women's Dress
208  Clare Phillips, Jewellery
212  Leonee Ormond, 'Punch' and Satire
216  Susan Owens, Oscar Wilde
220  Catherine Haill, 'Patience' and the Theatre
224  Stephen Calloway, 'Tired Hedonists': The Decadence of the Aesthetic Movement
236  Colin Cruise, Religion and Sexuality
238  Elizabeth Prettejohn, Late Paintings
242  Robert Upstone, The New Sculpture
246  Hope Kingsley, 'The Cult of Indistinctness': Art Photography in the 1890s
252  Stephen Calloway, The Book Beautiful

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