Collected Opinions, Essays on Netherlandish Art in Honour of Alfred Bader

Volker Manuth and Axel Rüger (eds.)

Title:Collected Opinions, Essays on Netherlandish Art in Honour of Alfred Bader


9  Isabel Bader, Foreword
10  David and Daniel Bader, Foreword
12  Volker Manuth, Axel Rüger, Editors' Foreword and Acknowledgements
18  Ronni Baer, A Dou for Boston
26  Jonathan Bikker, Balthasar Coymans's Italian Paintings and Annibale Carracci's Melancholy
34  Christopher Brown, Rembrandt in Oxford
42  George S. Keyes, Reflections on Three Landscapes by Jacob van Ruisdael
54  Rüdiger Klessmann, Adam Elsheimer - Bemerkungen zur Rezeption seiner Kunst im Norden
72  Walter Liedtke, The Meaning of Rembrandt's Aristotle with a Bust of Homer
88  Volker Manuth, Tobias, Anna und das Böckchen: Variationen über ein Thema aus dem Buch Tobias von Rembrandt und Gerbrand van den Eeckhout
106  Gregory Martin, An Early Work by Willem van Herp
114  David McTavish, A Newly Discovered Drawing by Jacques de Gheyn II
126  Pierre de la Ruffinière du Prey, Temple of Jerusalem Etchings for the Bible by Wenceslaus Hollar
138  William W. Robinson, Two Drawings by Jan Harmensz. Muller: A Tale of Two Floods?
148  Axel Rüger, Ein Palastinterieur von Bartholomeus van Bassen - Beobachtungen zur Arbeitsmethode anhand der Unterzeichnung
162  Jane Russell Corbett, Seeing Things: The Alchemist and Death by Thomas Wyck
176  Seymour Slive, Jacob van Ruisdael's Clientele
188  J. Douglas Stewart, Crossing the 'North-South Divide': The Young Lievens, Van Dyck, Rubens and Rembrandt; Connections and Influences
203  Astrid Tümpel, Jerusalem, Du Schöne!
209  Astrid Tümpel, Das Wesen der Dinge
214  Christian Tümpel, Arent de Gelder's Religious Iconography
232  Arthur K. Wheelock, Jr, The Framing of a Vermeer
240  Clovis Whitfield, A Name for a Ridiculous Man
248  Marjorie E. Wieseman, Paper Trails: Drawings in the Work of Caspar Netscher and his Studio
262  David de Witt, The Scholar by Candlelight and Rembrandt's Early Transition
278  Martha Wolff, Hebrew Kings and Antwerp Mannerists

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