Coming about... a festschrift for John Shearman

Lars R. Jones, Louisa C. Matthew (editors-in-Chief)

Title:Coming about... a festschrift for John Shearman
Place:Cambridge, Massachusetts
Publisher:Harvard University Art Museums
Pages:xxiv, 389
ISBN:1891771116 (hardcover)


xv  Lars R. Jones & Louisa C. Matthew, Acknowledgments
xix  , Publications by John Shearman
3  Barbara Pike Gordley, Getting Carried Away: The Illustration of Abduction in Gratian's Decretum
11  Adrian W.B. Randolph, Il Marzocco: Lionizing the Florentine State
19  Judith Steinhoff, A Mysterious Magdalen: Miracles, Politics & a Lost Altarpiece for Lecceto
27  Andrew C. Blume, Botticelli's Commission for Sant'Elisabetta delle Convertite & the Courtauld Trinity
33  Kathleen Wren Christian, Petrarch's Triumph of Chastity in Leonardo's Lady with an Armine
41  Giovanna Galante Garrone, From Southwest Piedmont: A Fragment by Hans Clemer
49  Christa Gardner von Teuffel, Light on the Cross: Cardinal Pedro Gonzälez de Mendoza & Antoniazzo Romano in Sta. Croce in Gerusalemme, Rome
57  Margaret Haines, Ghiberti's Trip to Venice
65  Megan Holmes, "Behold the Head of the Baptist": The Engaged Spectator & Filippo Lippi's Feast of Herod
73  Lars R. Jones, Meditations on the Metapicture: Francesco Botticini's Saint Jerome in the National Gallery, London
83  Randi Klebanoff, Revisions: The Arca di San Domenico in Michelangelo's Early Career
93  Deborah L. Krohn, San Gimignano Gets the Finger: The Creation of a Reliquary
99  Barnaby Nygren, Puns, Polysemy & Interpretation in Filippo Lippi's Saint Jerome in the Desert with Saints John the Baptist & Ansanus
105  Anabel Thomas, Painting for a Confraternity? Heraldic Details & Familial Connections: Neri di Bicci's Montreal Altarpiece of the Virgin & Child with Saints Blaise & Michael
115  Laura C. Agoston, Transfiguring Raphael: Identity, Authenticity & the Persona of Christ
123  Andrea Bayer, Cose bresciane del Cinquecento: A New Devotional Painting by Moretto da Brescia
127  Molly Bourne, A Viceroy Comes to Mantua: Ramón Folch de Cardona, Lorenzo Costa & the Italian Renaissance in Spain
135  Cammy Brothers, Architecture, History, Archaeology: Drawing Ancient Rome in the Letter to Leo X & in Sixteenth-Century Practice
141  Tracy E. Cooper, Prolegomenon to a Quarrel of Images
149  David J. Drogin, "Lo Spirito di Donato": Young Michelangelo & the Sculpture of Donatello
157  Bruce L. Edelstein, Observations on the Genesis & function of Bronzino's Frankfurt Modello for the Vault Decoration in the Chapel of Eleonora
165  David Ekserdjian, Parmigianino & the Entombment
173  Caroline Elam, Viva Papa Leone: Baccio d'Agnolo & the Palazzo Lanfredini in Florence
183  Jeffrey Fontana, Federico Barocci's Emulation of Raphael in the Fossombrone Madonna & Child with Saints
191  Cathleen Sara Hoeniger, The Reception of Correggio's Loves of Jupiter
199  Geraldine A. Johnson, Michaelangelo, Fortunetelling & the Formation of Artistic Canons in Fanti's Triompho di Fortuna
207  Martin Kemp, From Different Points of View: Correggio, Copernicus & the Mobile Observer
215  Stuart P. Lingo, Retrospection & the Genesis of Federico Barocci's Immaculate Conception
223  Louisa C. Matthew, Lorenzo Lotto: The Historiography of a Reputation
227  Martha McCrory, Cesare Federighi da Bagno: Medalist, Gem Engraver & Sculptor in the Workshop of Cellini
235  Thomas McGrath, Drawing Practices & Market Forces in Sixteenth-Century Italy
243  Alexander Nagel, Christ in Ecstasy: The Passion According to Michelangelo & Rosso
251  Arnold Nesselrath, Memory & Memorial: Lorenzetto's Tomb in Old St. Peter's
255  Scott Opler, Palladio & Vignola on the Orders
267  Benjamin Paul, Issues of Political Iconography: Clement VII's Personal & Political Concerns in his Representation as Leo I in the Sala di Costantino
275  Nicholas Penny, Absent Architecture in Sixteenth-Century Altarpieces
281  Sheryl E. Reiss, Giulio de' Medici & Mario Maffei: A Renaissance Friendship & the Villa Madama
289  Gyde Shepherd, Raphael's "Space-Composition": From the Piccolomini Library to the Sistine Tapestries
297  Susan Spinale, The Specifics of Time & Place in the View of Venice of 1500
303  Wendy J. Wegener, The Effects of Tridentine Reforms on Condottiere Chapels & Tombs
307  Mary-Ann Winkelmes, Notes on Cassinese Choirs: Acoustics & Religious Architecture in Northern Italy
313  Eric Wolf, The French Connection: Philibert de l'Orme Reads Francesco di Giorgio Martini
317  Stephan Wolohojian, The Warburg Virgin & Child with Saints Jerome & Francis in the Fogg Art Museum
325  Nina Cannizzaro, The Nile, Nothingness & Knowledge: The Incogniti Impresa
333  Una Roman d'Elia, Classicism & the Problem of National Style: The Illustrations of Claude Perrault's Vitruvius
343  Louisa M. Connor Bulman, "All the Profusion of Eaton & Santo Bartoli": The First Collections of Ancient Painting in Britain
349  Christopher D.H. Row, The London Churches of Ernest Charles Shearman: St. Silas the Martyr, Anglo-Catholicism & the Modern Gothic Tradition
359  Linda S. Aleci, Portraits & Historians
367  Meredith J. Gill, "With a Proud Hand I Signed": Looking from Behind the Easel
375  Caroline Karpinski, Preamble to a New Print Typology
381  Alessandro Nova, The Kite, Envy & Memory of Leonardo da Vinci's Childhood
387  Lisa Pon with Craigen Bowen, Using Digital Imaging to Compare States of a Print