Henry Raeburn, Context, reception and reputation

Viccy Coltman and Stephen Lloyd (eds.)

Title:Henry Raeburn, Context, reception and reputation
Publisher:Edinburgh University Press
Pages:xviii, 388
ISBN13:9780748654833 (paperback), 9780748654840 (hardback)
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xvi  Viccy Coltman and Stephen Lloyd, Foreword
1  Stephen Lloyd, Introduction. 'Indiscriminate praise is little better than censure': Critical Contexts for Understanding Raeburn's Portraiture
35  Stephen Lloyd, 'I cannot coin money for them': Raeburn in the Nexus of Patronage, the Art Market and Global Trade
66  Helen E. Smailes, Scotland Canova and the Immortal Raeburn
97  Viccy Coltman, Raeburn's John Hope, 4th Earl of Hopetoun: The 'Knotty' Business of Portrait Painting in London and Edinburgh in the 1810s
122  Godfrey Evans, In the Shadow of Jacques-Louis David's Napoleon: The 10th Duke of Hamilton and Raeburn
153  Stana Nenadic, Raeburn and the Print Culture of Edinburgh, c. 1790-1830: Constructing Enlightened and National Identities
179  Nicholas Tromans, A Portrait of the Artist in London: The Critical Reception of Raeburn's Royal Academy Exhibits, 1792-1823
208  Philippe Bordes, The Critique of the Modern French School of Painting from Reynolds to Constable
224  Robyn Asleson, Raeburn in America: Scottish-American Art Networks, 1791-1845
258  Sarah Symmons, Raeburn and Goya: The Redefinition of Artistic Personality
289  Matthew Craske, Raeburn's First Biography: Allan Cunningham's Presentation of the Artist as a Model Scottish Gentleman
314  Jordan Mearns, 'Synonymous with manly portraits': Re-evaluating Raeburn's Women
335  Olivier Leslay, Raeburn and France
351  David Alexander, Raeburn and the Revival of Mezzotint Portraiture, 1890-1930