Meaning in Materials, 1400-1800/Materiaal en betekenis, 1400-1800

Ann-Sophie Lehmann, Frits Scholten, H. Perry Chapman (eds.)

Title:Meaning in Materials, 1400-1800/Materiaal en betekenis, 1400-1800
Place:Leiden, Boston
Series:Nederlands Kunsthistorisch Jaarboek, Nr. 62


6  Ann-Sophie Lehmann, How materials make meaning
28  Michaele Tomasi, Matériaux, techniques, commanditaires et espaces, Le szstème des retables à la chartreuse de Champmol
56  Kim Woods, The Master of Rimini and the tradition of alabaster carving in the early fifteenth-century Netherlands
84  Aleksandra Lipinska, Alabastrum, id est, corpus hominis, Alabaster in the Low Countries, a cultural history
116  Koenraad Jonckheere, Images of stone, The physicality of art and the image debates in the sixteenth century
148  Ralph Dekoninck, Between denial and exaltation, The materials of the miraculous images of the Virgin in the Southern Netherlands during the seventeenth century
176  Thijs Weststeijn, The gender of colors in Dutch art theory
202  Nadia Baadj, A world of materials in a cabinet without drawers, Reframing Jan van Kessel's The four parts of the world
238  Martha Moffitt Peacock, Paper as power, Carving a niche for the female artist in the work of Joanna Koerten
266  Frits Scholten, Malleable marble, The Antwerp snow sculptures of 1772