Rubens and the Netherlands/Rubens en de Nederlanden

Jan de Jong, Bart Ramakers, Frits Scholten, Mariët Westermann, Joanna Woodall (eds.)

Title:Rubens and the Netherlands/Rubens en de Nederlanden
Series:Nederlands Kunsthistorisch Jaarboek, Nr. 55


7  Mariët Westermann, Introduction, Rubens and the Capital of the North
17  Filip Vermeylen, Antwerp Beckons, The Reasons for Rubens' Return to the Netherlands in 1608
35  Frits Scholten, Rubens' werkplaats-academie, of de ghemeynschap die onse Consten van Schildry ende Belthouwery t'samen hebben
55  Andrew D. Hottle, Commerce and Connections, Peter Paul Rubens and the Dedicated Print
87  Cynthia Lawrence, Confronting Heresy in Post-Tridentine Antwerp, Coercion and Reconciliation as Opposing Strategies in Rubens' Real Presence in the Holy Sacrament
117  Barbara Haeger, Rubens' Rockox Triptych, Sight, Meditation, and the Justification of Images
155  Anna C. Knaap, Seeing in Sequence, Peter Paul Rubens' Ceiling Cycle at the Jesuit Church in Antwerp
197  Ulrich Heinen, Rubens' Pictorial Diplomacy at War (1637/1638)
227  Lucy Jane Davis, A Gift from Nature, Rubens' Bacchus and Artistic Creativity
245  Eveliina Juntunen, Rubens, Van Mander und Goltzius, Juno und Argus und der kunsttheoretische Diskurs in den nördlichen Niederlanden
271  Elizabeth Honig, Paradise Regained, Rubens, Jan Brueghel, and the Sociability of Visual Thought
303  Karolien De Clippel, Rubens Meets Brouwer, Confrontations with Low-Life Genre Painting
335  Irene Schaudies, Trimming Rubens' Shadow, New Light on the Mediation of Caravaggio in the Southern Netherlands