Holland's Golden Age in America, Collecting the Art of Rembrandt, Vermeer, and Hals

Esmée Quodbach (ed.)

Title:Holland's Golden Age in America, Collecting the Art of Rembrandt, Vermeer, and Hals
Place:University Park, Pennsylvania
Publisher:The Frick Collection; The Pennsylvania State University Press
Pages:xix, 242
ISBN13:9780271062013 (cloth)


xii  Esmée Quodbach, Preface
2  Peter C. Sutton, Introduction, A Taste for Dutch Art
20  Louisa Wood Ruby, "Pictures chiefly painted in oils, on boards", Dutch Paintings in Colonial New York
32  Lance Humphries, Robert Gilmor, Jr.'s
44  Annette Stott, Collecting Old Dutch Masters, Originals, Interpretations, Copies, and Reproductions
58  Catherine B. Scallen, Wilhelm von Bode and Collecting in America
70  Walter Liedtke, Golden Age Paintings in the Gilded Age, New York Collectors and The Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1870-1920
82  Lloyd DeWitt, "They leave us as they find us, they never elevate", John G. Johnson and the Dutch Masters
94  Esmée Quodbach, Collecting Vermeer, 1887-1919
108  Ronni Baer, Collecting Dutch Paintings in Boston
122  Arthur K.Wheelock, Jr., The Dutch Painting Collection at the National Gallery of Art
140  Dennis P. Weller, The Passionate Eye of W.R. Valentiner, Shaping the Canon of Dutch Painting in America
134  Peter Hecht, Unexpected Rivals for the Dutch, Competing with the Americans for Holland's National Heritage in Great Britain and Elsewhere
168  Anne T. Woollett, Golden Opportunities, Collecting Rembrandt in Southern California
182  Quentin Buvelot, Has the Great Age of Collecting Dutch Old Master Paintings Come to an End?