The Public and Private in Dutch Culture of the Golden Age

Arthur K. Wheelock, Jr. and Adele Seeff

Title:The Public and Private in Dutch Culture of the Golden Age
Place:Newark - London
Publisher:University of Delaware Press - Associated University Presses


7  Adele Seeff, Director's Preface
9  Arthur K. Wheelock, Jr., Introduction
17  R.E. Kistemaker, The Public and the Private: Public Space in Sixteenth- and Seventeenth-Century Amsterdam
24  Eco Haitsma Mulier, Descriptions of Towns in the Seventeenth-Century Province of Holland
33  Henk van Nierop, Private Interests, Public Policies: Petitions in the Dutch Republic
43  H. Perry Chapman, Propagandist Prints, Reaffirming Paintings: Art and Community during the Twelve Years' Truce
64  Herman Roodenburg, On "Swelling" the Hips and Crossing the Legs: Distinguishing Public and Private in Paintings and Prints from the Dutch Golden Age
85  Paul Knevel, Armed Citizens, The Representation of the Civic Militias in the Seventeenth Century
100  Alison McNeil Kettering, Gerard ter Borch's Military Men: Masculinity Transformed
123  Ilja M. Veldman, Representations of Labor and Diligence in Late-Sixteenth-Century Netherlandish Art: The Secularization of the Work Ethic
141  Nanette Salomon, Early Netherlandish Bordeeltjes and the Construction of Social "Realities"
164  Mieke B. Smits-Veldt, Images of Private Life in Some Early-Seventeenth-Century Dutch Ego-Documents
181  Judith Pollmann, Public Enemies, Private Friends: Arnoldus Buchelius's Experience of Religious Diversity in the Early Dutch Republic
191  Carol Janson, Public Places, Private Lives: The Impact of the Dutch Revolt on the Reformed Churches in Holland
206  Michiel Jonker, Public or Private Portraits: Group Portraits of Amsterdam Regents and Regentesses
227  Linda Stone-Ferrier, Metsu's Justice Protecting Widows and Orphans, Patron and Painter Relationships and Their Involvements in the Social and Economic Plight of Widows and Orphans in Leiden

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