Aelbert Cuyp

Arthur K. Wheelock Jr. (ed.)

Title:Aelbert Cuyp
Publisher:National Gallery of Art
ISBN:0894682865 (softcover), 0500510571 (hardcover)
Related persons: Aelbert Cuyp

Catalogue to the exhibition Aelbert Cuyp


9  Earl A. Powell III, Neil MacGregor, Ronald de Leeuw, Directors' Foreword
10  Arthur K. Wheelock Jr., Acknowledgments
15  Arthur K. Wheelock Jr., with contributions by Jacob M. de Groot, Aelbert Cuyp and the Depiction of the Dutch Arcadia
35  Alan Chong, Aristocratic Imaginings: Aelbert Cuyp's Patrons and Collectors
53  Emilie E.S. Gordenker, Cuyp's Horsemen: What Do Costumes Tell Us?
65  Marika Spring, Pigments and Color Change in the Paintings of Aelbert Cuyp
75  Egbert Haverkamp-Begemann, The Beauty of Holland: Aelbert Cuyp as Landscape Draftsman
88  Alan Chong, Axel Rüger, Arthur K. Wheelock Jr., Paintings
214  Wouter Kloek, Drawings


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