Rembrandt and Dutch History Painting in the 17th Century

Title:Rembrandt and Dutch History Painting in the 17th Century
Publisher:The National Museum of Western Art
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3  Akira Kofuku, Foreword
17  Jan Kelch, Rembrandt Today
25  Akira Kofuku, Rembrandt: History Painter/Portrait Painter - upon the occasion of the NMWA Exhibition
39  Taco Dibbets, Once Rembrandts Celebrated Picture: The Reception History of the Holy Family at Night
55  Volker Manuth, Religious History Painting in the World of Rembrandt
69  Jonathan Bikker, Imitation and Originality in the History Paintings of Rembrandt pupils
85  David de Witt, Aert de Gelder, Jan Steen, and Houbrakens Perfect Picture
95  Yoriko Kobayashi-Sato, Roles of Tronies in the History Paintings of Rembrandt
111  Akihiro Ozaki, Rembrandt's Nude: Study of Danaë
123  Toshiharu Nakamura, Rembrandt's Blinding of Samson: A Work for Artistic Emulation with Rubens?
139  Erik Hinterding, Rembrandt's Etching of Biblical and Mythological Subjects: Associations with his Painting
159  Marten Jan Bok, Rembrandt's Fame and Rembrandts Failure. the Market for History Paintings in the Dutch Republic

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