The New Painting, Impressionism 1874-1886

Chirles S. Moffett (director)

Title:The New Painting, Impressionism 1874-1886
Place:San Francisco
Publisher:The Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco

Catalogue to the exhibition The New Painting - Impressionism 1874-1886


9  C.S.M., Acknowledgments
13  Ian McKibbin White, J. Carter Brown, Directors Preface
17  Charles S. Moffett, Introduction
27  Stéphane Mallarmé, The Impressionists and Edouard Manet
37  Louis Emile Edmond Duranty, The New Painting: Concerning the Group of Artists Exhibiting at the Durand-Ruel Galleries
51  Stephen F. Eisenman, The Intrasigent Artist or How the Impressionists Got Their Name
61  Richard Shiff, The End of Impressionism
93  Paul Tucker, The First Exhibition in Context
145  Hollis Clayson, A Failed Attempt
189  Richard R. Bretell, The "First" Exhibition of Impressionist Painters
243  Ronald Pickvance, Contemporary Popularity and Posthumous Neglect
293  Charles S. Moffett, Disarray and Disappointment
337  Fronia E. Wissman, Realists among the Impressionists
373  Joel Isaacson, The Painters Called Impressionists
421  Martha Ward, The Rhetoric of Idependence and Innovation

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