Still-Life Paintings from the Netherlands 1550-1720

Alan Chong & Wouter Kloek

Title:Still-Life Paintings from the Netherlands 1550-1720
Publisher:Waanders Publishers
ISBN:9040093172 (hb) 9040093377 (pb)

Catalogue to the exhibition Still-Life Paintings from the Netherlands 1550-1720


7  Ronald de Leeuw, Robert P. Bergman, Directors' Preface
8  Alan Chong, Wouter Kloek, Curators' Introduction
11  Alan Chong, Contained Under the Name of Still Life: The Associations of Still-Life Painting
39  Wouter Kloek, The Magic of Still Life
51  Guido M.C. Jansen, 'On the Lowest Level': The Status of the Still Life in Netherlandish Art Literature of the Seventeenth Century
59  Celeste Brusati, Capitalizing on the Counterfeit: Trompe L'Oeil Negotiations
73  Julie Berger Hochstrasser, Feasting the Eye: Painting and Reality in the Seventeenth-century 'Bancketje'
87  John Loughman, The Market for Netherlandish Still Lifes, 1600-1720


Fred G. Meijer, in Oud Holland, 114, 2000 pp. 223-236  read online

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