Shop Talk, Studies in Honor of Seymour Slive

Cynthia P. Schneider, William W. Robinson, Alice I. Davies (eds.)

Title:Shop Talk, Studies in Honor of Seymour Slive
Place:Cambridge, Massachusetts
Publisher:Harvard University Art Museums


11  Cynthia P. Schneider, Preface
13  The Editors, Acknowledgements
17  , Publications by Seymour Slive
25  Clifford S. Ackley, A Rediscovered Touched Proof of a Rembrandt Etching
28  Ann Jensen Adams, Thomas de Keyser's Portrait of Six Gold- and Silversmiths of 1627: Friendship Portrait and Posthumous Tribute to Andries Fredericsz
33  Svetlana Alpers, On Visiting the Dutch Galleries of the Grand Louvre
36  Pieter Biesboer, Topographical Identifications for a Numer of "Haerlempjes" by Jacob van Ruisdael
40  Albert Blankert and Louis P. Grijp, An Adjustable Leg and a Book: Lacemakers by Vermeer and Others, and Bredero's Groot Lied-boeck in One by Dou
44  Hugh Brigstocke, Georges de La Tour's St. John the Baptist
46  Christopher Brown, Leonaert Bramer in Italy
49  Margaret D. Carroll, Dürer's Christ among the Doctors Re-examined
55  Marjorie B. Cohn, Retroussage in Cranach's Penance of St. John Chrysostom
59  James Cuno, The Fogg Art Museum and the Spoils of War
64  Alice I. Davies, Additions of Paintings to Jan van Kessel (1641-1680)
68  Frederik J. Duparc, A Recently Rediscovered Painting by Pieter van Laer
71  Zirka Zaremba Filipczak, A New Studio Practice of Claesz and Heda: Composing with Real Objects
74  Sydney J. Freedberg, Bernard Berenson: A Brief Biography
78  Ivan Gaskell, A Seascape by Jacob van Ruisdael and its Nineteenth-Century Owners
84  Teréz Gerszi, Contributions to Joos de Momper's Early Draftmanship
87  Jeroen Giltaij, Further Additions to Jacob van Ruisdael
89  Karin Groen, Halcyon Days for Art History
92  Ann Sutherland Harris, Domenichino's Caccia di Diana: Art and Politics in Seicento Rome
97  Egbert Haverkamp-Begemann, Jacob van Ruisdael's Interest in Construction
100  Peter Hecht, Gerrit Dou's Braamcamp Triptych Reconsidered: A Skeptical View of its "Allegorical" Meaning
103  Julius S. Held, Two Lost Drawings Formerly in Dresden
105  Alison Hilton, Rembrandt, Rubens, and Repin
110  Werner Hofmann, Tamino and Papageno Go to the Museum
114  Frima Fox Hofrichter, A Telescope in Haarlem
118  Michael Jaffé, An Early Mercury Painted by Rubens before his Trip to Italy
120  Karl Johns, Magdalene at the Crossroads and Bernaert de Rijckere
124  Frances Suzman Jowell, Thoré-Bürger and Vermeer: Critical and Commercial Fortunes
128  J. Richard Judson, A New Honthorst Allegory: Can This be Love?
130  Thomas Dacosta Kaufmann, Antiquarian Connoisseurship and Art History before Winckelmann: Some Evidence from Northern Europe
133  Baruch Kirschenbaum, Piss and Light
137  Rüdiger Klessmann, A Lost Painting by Rubens and its Meaning
143  Joseph Leo Koerner, The Image in Quotations: Cranach's Portraits of Luther Preaching
147  Susan Koslow, "How looked the Gorgon then...": The Science and Poetics of The Head of Medusa by Rubens and Snyders
150  Susan Donahue Kuretsky, Rembrandt's Good Samaritan Etching: Reflections on a Disreputable Dog
154  Walter Liedtke, Pentimenti in our Pictures of Salomon van Ruysdael and of Jan van Goyen
158  Irina Linnik, An Oil Sketch by Juan de Valdés Leal for an Unknown Series of Paintings
159  Anne-Marie S. Logan, Drawings by Jan Boeckhorst and Thomas Willeboirts Bosschaert
164  Anne W. Lowenthal, Mr. Bryan's Dutch Landscapes
168  Gregory Martin, Rubens and King James I
171  Annaliese Mayer-Meintchel, Paintings by Rubens in the Guarienti Inventory (1747-50) and the Early History of the Dresden Picture Gallery
175  Gridley McKim-Smith, Velázquez and Rubens: The Meaning of o Pigment, or a Date
179  Thomas M. Messer, A Distant Echo from Holland's Golden Age?
181  Justus Müller-Hofstede, Jan Miense Molenaer's Departure of the Prodigal Son: In Search of the Allegorical Form
184  John Nash, The Face at the Window, or, The Viewer Viewed: Observations on a Central Theme in Rembrandt's Art
187  H. Rodney Nevitt, Jr., The Herdsman, the Rowboat, the Beetle, and the Ant in Two Marriage Portraits by Gerrit Adriaensz de Heer
191  Peter Nisbet, Displaying Design: A Newly Identified Exhibition Proposal by El Lissitzky, Berlin 1923
194  Charles Parkhurst, A Viewpoint for Giotto's Life of Mary in the Arena Chapel
198  Elizabeth Prelinger, When the Halted Traveler Hears the Scream in Nature: Preliminary Thoughts on the Transformation of Some Romantic Motifs
204  Marta O. Renger, A Medieval Basis for Vasari's Libro
207  Franklin W. Robinson, The Special Nature of Dutch Drawings
209  William W. Robinson, A Drawing by Jan Muller in a Modest Collection
211  Pierre Rosenberg, The Blind Man of the Quinze-Vingts by Chardin and the Young Girl with a Marmot by Fragonard at the Fogg
216  Martin Royalton-Kisch, Rembrandt's Clock
219  Vadim A. Sadkov, Newly Identified Paintings by Pieter van der Croos and Cornelis Beelt
221  Peter Schatborn, A "New" Rembrandt Drawing
224  Cynthia P. Schneider, Rembrandt Reversed: reflections on the Early Self-Portrait Etchings
227  Linda Seidel, Foregrounding Background: Jan van Eyck's Mellon Annunciation
232  Larry Silver, Kith and Kin: A Rediscovered Sacred Image by Massys
237  David M. Stone, Economy versus Iconography: Guercino's St. Anthony of Padua Alterpiece for S. Giovanni in Persiceto and the Evidence of a Newly Discovered Drawing
241  Peter C. Sutton, Rembrandt and Pieter de Grebber
245  Irene and Pieter van Thiel, The Four Musketeers. An Attempt at Identification of the First Militia Piece by Cornelis Cornelisz van Haarlem
249  Susan Urbach, "Sacra nos monet, docetque historia": An Unknown Susanna and the Elders by Willem Key
254  John Walsh, A Resurrection of 1612 by Pieter Lastman
257  Jeanne L. Wasserman, In Search of Diana
260  Stuart Cary Welch, The Emperor's Shah: Emperor Jahangir's Two Portraits from Life of Shah 'Abbas
264  Ernst van de Wetering, Rembrandt's Satire on Art Criticism Reconsidered
271  Arthur K. Wheelock, The Story of Two Vermeer Forgeries
276  Christopher White, Rubens's Painted Copy of the Cameo of Germanicus