bookseries Ľ Brill's Studies in Intellectual History

Brill's Studies in Intellectual History

ISSN 0920-8607

1.    Richard H. Popkin
Isaac La Peyrère (1596-1676), His life, work, and influence
Leiden; New York, 1987
2.    Ann Thomson
Barbary and enlightenment, European attitudes towards the Maghreb in the 18th century
Leiden; New York, 1987
3.    Pierre Duhem
Prémices philosophiques
Leiden, 1987
4.    Th.C.W. Oudemans and A.P.M.H. Lardinois
Tragic ambiguity, Anthropology, philosophy and Sophocles' Antigone
Leiden; New York, 1987
5.    John B. Friedman
John de Foxton's Liber cosmographiae (1408), An edition and codicological study
Leiden; New York, 1988
6.    F. Akkerman and A.J. Vanderjagt (eds.)
Rodolphus Agricola Phrisius, 1444-1485, Proceedings of the international conference at the University of Groningen, 28-30 October 1985
Leiden; New York, 1988
7.    William Lane Craig
The problem of divine foreknowledge and future contingents from Aristotle to Suarez
Leiden; New York, 1988
8.    Mary Stroll
The Jewish pope, Ideology and politics in the papal schism of 1130
Leiden; New York, 1987
9.    Michel Stanesco
Jeux d'errance du chevalier médiéval, Aspects ludiques de la fonction guerrière dans la littérature du Moyen Age flamboyant
Leiden; New York, 1988
10.    David S. Katz
Sabbath and sectarianism in seventeenth-century England
Leiden; New York, 1988
11.    Lucia Lermond
The form of man, Human essence in Spinoza's Ethic
Leiden; New York, 1988
12.    Mayke De Jong
In Samuel's image, Child oblation in the early medieval West
Leiden; New York, 1996
13.    Lewis Pyenson
Empire of reason, Exact sciences in Indonesia, 1840-1940
Leiden; New York, 1989
14.    Edwin Curley and Pierre-Fran√ßois Moreau (eds.)
Spinoza, Issues and directions. The proceedings of the Chicago Spinoza Conference
Leiden; New York, 1990
15.    Yosef Kaplan, Henry M√©choulan, and Richard H. Popkin (eds.)
Menasseh Ben Israel and his world
Leiden; New York, 1989
16.    A.P. Bos
Cosmic and meta-cosmic theology in Aristotle's lost dialogues
Leiden; New York, 1989
17.    David S. Katz and Jonathan I. Israel (eds.)
Sceptics, millenarians, and Jews
Leiden; New York, 1990
18.    Richard C. Dales
Medieval discussions of the eternity of the world
Leiden; New York, 1990
19.    William Lane Craig
Divine foreknowledge and human freedom, The coherence of theism. Omniscience
Leiden; New York, 1990
20.    Willemien Otten
The anthropology of Johannes Scottus Eriugena
Leiden; New York, 1991
21.    Susanna √Ökerman
Queen Christina of Sweden and her circle, The transformation of a seventeenth-century philosophical libertine
Leiden; New York, 1991
22.    Richard H. Popkin
The third force in seventeenth-century thought
Leiden; New York, 1992
23.    Richard C. Dales and Omar Argerami (eds.)
Medieval Latin texts on the eternity of the world
Leiden; New York, 1991
24.    Mary Stroll
Symbols as power, The papacy following the investiture contest
Leiden; New York, 1991
25.    Claire J. Farago
Leonardo da Vinci's Paragone, A critical interpretation with a new edition of the text in the Codex Urbinas
Leiden; New York, 1992
27.    Jan Willem Drijvers
Helena Augusta, The mother of Constantine the Great and the legend of her finding of the true cross
Leiden; New York, 1992
28.    Wayne I. Boucher
Spinoza in English, A bibliography from the seventeenth century to the present
Leiden; New York, 1991
29.    Christopher McIntosh
The Rose Cross and the Age of Reason, Eighteenth-century Rosicrucianism in Central Europe and its relationship to the Enlightenment
Leiden; New York, 1992
30.    Kenneth Craven
Jonathan Swift and the millennium of madness, The information age in Swift's A tale of a tub
Leiden; New York, 1992
31.    C. Berkvens-Stevelinck, H. Bots, P.G. Hoftijzer, and O.S. Lankhorst (eds.)
Le Magasin de l'univers, The Dutch Republic as the centre of the European book trade. Papers presented at the international colloquium, held at Wassenaar, 5-7 July 1990
Leiden; New York, 1992
32.    Martin I.J. Griffin, Jr.
Latitudinarianism in the seventeenth-century Church of England
Leiden; New York, 1992
33.    Marinus A. Wes
Classics in Russia 1700-1855, Between two bronze horsemen
Leiden; New York, 1992
34.    Ilse N. Bulhof
The language of science, A study of the relationship between literature and science in the perspective of a hermeneutical ontology, with a case study of Darwin's The origin of species
Leiden; New York, 1992
35.    John Christian Laursen
The politics of skepticism in the ancients, Montaigne, Hume, and Kant
Leiden; New York, 1992
36.    Esther Cohen
The crossroads of justice, Law and culture in late medieval France
Leiden; New York, 1993
37.    Richard H. Popkin and Arjo Vanderjagt (eds.)
Scepticism and irreligion in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries
Leiden; New York, 1993
38.    Angelo Mazzocco
Linguistic theories in Dante and the humanists, Studies of language and intellectual history in late Medieval and early Renaissance Italy
Leiden; New York, 1993
39.    Dorothea Krook
John Sergeant and his circle, A study of three seventeenth-century English Aristotelians
Leiden; New York, 1993
40.    F. Akkerman, G.C. Huisman, and A.J. Vanderjagt (eds.)
Wessel Gansfort (1419-1489) and Northern Humanism
Leiden; New York, 1993
41.    Marcia L. Colish
Peter Lombard
Leiden; New York, 1994
42.    C.D. van Strien
British Travellers in Holland during the Stuart Period, Edward Browne and John Locke as Tourists in the United Provinces
Leiden; New York; Köln, 1993
43.    Peter Mack
Renaissance argument, Valla and Agricola in the traditions of rhetoric and dialectic
Leiden; New York, 1993
44.    Uriel da Costa
Examination of Pharisaic traditions/Exame das tradi√ß√Ķes phariseas, Facsimile of the unique copy in the Royal Library of Copenhagen
Leiden; New York, 1993
45.    James W. Manns
Reid and his French disciples, Aesthetics and metaphysics
Leiden; New York, 1994
46.    Keith L. Sprunger
Trumpets from the tower, English Puritan printing in the Netherlands, 1600-1640
Leiden; New York, 1994
47.    G.A. Russell (ed.)
The 'Arabick' interest of the natural philosophers in seventeenth-century England
Leiden; New York, 1994
48.    Leen Spruit
Species intelligibilis. From perception to knowledge, Vol. 1: Classical roots and medieval discussions
Leiden; New York, 1994
49.    Leen Spruit
Species intelligibilis. From perception to knowledge, Vol. 2: Renaissance controversies, later Scholasticism, and the elimination of the intelligible species in modern philosophy
Leiden; New York, 1995
50.    Reginald Hyatte
The arts of friendship, The idealization of friendship in medieval and early Renaissance literature
Leiden; New York, 1994
51.    Jacques Carr√© (ed.)
The Crisis of courtesy, Studies in the conduct-book in Britain, 1600-1900
Leiden; New York, 1994
52.    Thomas E. Burman
Religious polemic and the intellectual history of the Mozarabs, c.1050-1200
Leiden; New York, 1994
53.    Allan S. Horlick
Patricians, professors, and public schools, The origins of modern educational thought in America
Leiden; New York, 1994
54.    A.A. MacDonald, Michael Lynch, and Ian B. Cowan (eds.)
The Renaissance in Scotland, Studies in literature, religion, history, and culture offered to John Durkhan
Leiden; New York, 1994
55.    Zweder von Martels (ed.)
Travel fact and travel fiction, Studies on fiction, literary tradition, scholarly discovery, and observation in travel writing
Leiden; New York, 1994
56.    M.B. Pranger
Bernard of Clairvaux and the Shape of Monastic Thought, Broken Dreams
Leiden, 1994
57.    Nancy van Deusen
Theology and Music at the Early University, The Case of Robert Grosseteste and Anonymous IV
Leiden, 1995
58.    Sara Warneke
Images of the Educational Traveller in Early Modern England
Leiden, 1995
59.    Peter G. Bietenholz
Historia and Fabula, Myths and Legends in Historical Thought from Antiquitiy to the Modern Age
Leiden, 1994
60.    John Christian Laursen (ed.)
New Essays on the Political Thought of the Huguenots of the Refuge
Leiden, 1995
61.    Jan Willem Drijvers and Alasdair A. MacDonald (eds.)
Centres of Learning, Learning and Location in Pre-Modern Europe and the Near East
Leiden, 1995
62.    Herbert Jaumann
Critica, Untersuchungen zur Geschichte der Literaturkritik zwischen Quintilian und Thomasius
Leiden, 1995
63.    Michael Heyd
"Be Sober and Reasonable", The Critique of Enthusiasm in the Seventeenth and Early Eighteenth Centuries
Leiden, 1995
64.    Max J. Okenfuss
The Rise and Fall of Latin Humanism in Early Modern Russia, Pagan Authors, Ukrainians, and the Resiliency of Muscovy
Leiden, 1995
65.    Richard C. Dales
The Problem of the Rational Soul in the Thirteenth Century
Leiden, 1995
66.    J. A. van Ruler
The crisis of causality, Voetius and Descartes on God, nature and change
Leiden, 1995
67.    Fadlou Shehadi
Philosophies of music in medieval Islam
Leiden, 1995
68.    Theresa Gross-Diaz
The Psalms commentary of Gilbert of Poitiers, From lectio divina to the lecture room
Leiden, 1996
69.    Wiep van Bunge and Wim Klever (eds.)
Disguised and overt Spinozism around 1700
Leiden, 1996
70.    Luciano Floridi
Scepticism and the foundation of epistemology, A study in the metalogical fallacies
Leiden, 1996
71.    Daniel Fouke
The enthusiastical concerns of Dr. Henry More, Religious meaning and the psychology of delusion
Leiden, New York, Köln, 1997
72.    Tilman Ramelow
Gott, Freiheit, Weltenwahl, Der Ursprung des Begriffes der besten aller möglichen Welten in der Metaphysik der Willensfreiheit zwischen Antonio Perez S. J. (1599 - 1649) und G. W. Leibniz (1646 - 1716)
Leiden, 1997
73.    Harold Samuel Stone
Vico's cultural history, The production and transmission of ideas in Naples, 1685 - 1750
Leiden, 1997
74.    Mary Stroll
The medieval Abbey of Farfa, Target of papal and imperial ambitions
Leiden, 1997
75.    Reginald Hyatte
The prophet of Islam in old French
Leiden, 1997
76.    Phyllis G. Jestice
Wayward monks and the religious revolution of the eleventh century
Leiden, 1997
77.    Marc van der Poel
Cornelius Agrippa, the humanist theologian and his declamations
Leiden, New York, Köln, 1997
78.    Edith Sylla and Michael McVaugh (eds.)
Texts and contexts in ancient and medieval science, Studies on the occasion of John E. Murdoch's seventieth birthday
Leiden, New York, Köln, 1997
79.    Peter Binkley (ed.)
Pre-modern encyclopaedic texts, Proceedings of the Second Comers Congress, Groningen, 1 - 4 July 1996
Leiden, New York, Köln, 1997
80.    J.M.I. Klaver
Geology and religious sentiment, The effect of geological discoveries on English society and literature between 1829 and 1859
Leiden, New York, Köln, 1997
81.    John Inglis
Spheres of philosophical inquiry and the historiography of medieval philosophy
Leiden, 1998
82.    Arthur McCalla
A romantic historiosophy, The philosophy of history of Pierre-Simon Ballanche
Leiden, Boston, Köln, 1998
83.    Jan R. Veenstra
Magic and divination at the courts of Burgundy and France, Text and context of Laurens Pignon's Contre les devineurs (1411)
Leiden, New York, Köln, 1998
84.    Pauline C. Westerman
The disintegration of natural law theory, Aquinas to Finnis
Leiden, 1998
85.    Kenneth Gouwens
Remembering the Renaissance, Humanist narratives of the sack of Rome
Leiden, Boston, Köln, 1998
86.    Heinz Schott und Ilana Zinguer (eds.)
Paracelsus und seine internationale Rezeption in der fr√ľhen Neuzeit, Beitr√§ge zur Geschichte des Paracelsismus
Leiden, Boston, Köln, 1998
87.    Susanna Åkerman
Rose cross over the Baltic, The spread of Rosicrucianism in Northern Europe
Leiden, 1998
88.    Donald R. Dickson
The tessera of Antilia, Utopian brotherhoods & secret societies in the early seventeenth century
Leiden, Boston, Köln, 1998
89.    Tabitta van Nouhuys
The Age of Two-Faced Janus, The Comets of 1577 and 1618 and the Decline of the Aristotelian World View in the Netherlands
Leiden, 1998
90.    Carolyn Muessig (ed.)
Medieval monastic preaching
Leiden; Boston, 1998
91.    James E. Force and David S. Katz (eds.)
Everything connects, In conference with Richard H. Popkin. Essays in his honor
Leiden; Boston, 1999
92.    Kees Dekker
The origins of Old Germanic studies in the Low Countries
Leiden; Boston, 1999
93.    Leyla Rouhi
Mediation and love, A study of the medieval go-between in key Romance and Near Eastern texts
Leiden; Boston, 1999
94.    F. Akkerman, A.J. Vanderjacht, A.H. van der Laan (eds.)
Northern Humanisim in European context, 1469 - 1625, From the "Adwert Academy" to Ubbo Emmius
Leiden, 1999
95.    Ronald W. Truman
Spanish treatises on government, society, and religion in the time of Philipp II, The "De regimine principum" and associated traditions
Leiden; Boston, Mass., 1999
96.    Lodi Nauta and Arjo Vanderjagt (eds.)
Between demonstration and imagination, Essays in the history of science and philosophy presented to John D. North
Leiden; Boston, 1999
97.    David Bryson
Queen Jeanne and the Promised Land, Dynasty, homeland, religion, and violence in sixteenth-century France
Leiden; Boston; Koln, 1999
98.    Aza Goudriaan
Philosophische Gotteserkenntnis bei Suárez und Descartes, Im Zusammenhang mit der niederländischen reformierten Theologie und Philosophie des 17. Jahrhunderts
Leiden; Boston, 1999
99.    Dorothea B. Heitsch
Practising reform in Montaigne's Essais
Leiden; Boston, 2000
100.    Maria Kardaun and Joke Spruyt (eds.)
The winged chariot, Collected essays on Plato and platonism in honour of L.M. de Rijk
Leiden; Boston, 2000
101.    Jon Whitman (ed.)
Interpretation and allegory, Antiquity to the modern period
Leiden; Boston, 2000
102.    Dale Jacquette
David Hume's critique of infinity
Leiden; Boston, 2001
103.    Wiep van Bunge
From Stevin to Spinoza, An essay on philosophy in the seventeenth-century Dutch Republic
Leiden; Boston, 2001
104.    Timothy J. Gianotti
Al-Ghazali's unspeakable doctrine of the soul, Unveiling the esoteric psychology and eschatology of the Ihya
Leiden; Boston, 2001
105.    Susanne Saygin
Humphrey, Duke of Gloucester (1390-1447) and the Italian humanists
Leiden; Boston, 2002
106.    Istv√°n Bejczy
Erasmus and the Middle Ages, The historical consciousness of a Christian humanist
Leiden, 2001
107.    Noel L. Brann
The debate over the origin of genius during the Italian Renaissance, The theories of supernatural frenzy and natural melancholy in accord and in conflict on the treshold of the scientific
Leiden; Boston, 2002
108.    Michael J.B. Allen and Valery Rees with Martin Davies (eds.)
Marsilio Ficino, His theology, his philosophy, his legacy
Leiden; Boston, 2002
109.    Gerald Sandy (ed.)
The classical heritage in France
Leiden; Boston, 2002
110.    Marsha Keith Schuchard
Restoring the temple of vision, Cabalistic freemasonry and Stuart culture
Leiden; Boston, 2002
111.    Joris van Eijnatten
Liberty and concord in the United Provinces, Religious toleration and the public in the eighteenth-century Netherlands
Leiden; Boston, MA, 2003
112.    A.P. Bos
The soul and its instrumental body, A reinterpretation of Aristotle's philosophy of living nature
Leiden; Boston, MA, 2003
113.    John Christian Laursen and Johan van der Zande (eds.)
Early French and German defenses of freedom of the press, Elie Luzac's essay on Freedom of expression, 1749 and Carl Friedrich Bahrdt's On freedom of the press and its limits, 1787 in English translation
Leiden; Boston, 2003
114.    Sandra Pott, Martin Mulsow, and Lutz Danneberg (eds.)
The Berlin refuge, 1680-1780, Learning and science in European context
Leiden; Boston, 2003
115.    Stephen Gersh and Bert Roest (eds.)
Medieval and renaissance humanism, Rhetoric, representation, and reform
Leiden; Boston, 2003
116.    Thomas M. Lennon (ed.)
Cartesian views, Papers presented to Richard A. Watson
Leiden; Boston, 2003
117.    Zweder von Martels and Arjo Vanderjagt (eds.)
Pius II, "el piu expeditivo pontefice", Selected studies on Aeneas Silvius Piccolomini, 1405-1464
Leiden; Boston, 2003
118.    Martin Gosman, Alasdair MacDonald, Arjo Vanderjagt (eds.)
Princes and princely culture, 1450-1650
Leiden; Boston, 2003-2005
119.    Christopher I. Lehrich
The language of demons and angels, Cornelius Agrippa's occult philosophy
Leiden; Boston, 2003
120.    Wiep van Bunge (ed.)
The Early enlightenment in the Dutch Republic, 1650-1750, Selected papers of a conference, held at the Herzog August Bibliothek, Wolfenb√ľttel 22-23 March 2001
Leiden; Boston, 2003
121.    Sophie van Romburgh
For my worthy freind [sic] Mr. Franciscus Junius, An edition of the correspondence of Francis Junius F.F. (1591-1677)
Leiden; Boston, 2004
122.    Martin Mulsow and Richard H. Popkin (eds.)
Secret conversions to Judaism in early modern Europe
Leiden; Boston, 2004
123.    Koen Goudriaan, Jaap van Moolenbroek and Ad Tervoort (eds.)
Education and learning in the Netherlands, 1400-1600, essays in honour of Hilde de Ridder-Symoens
Leiden, 2004
124.    Alessandra Petrina
Cultural politics in fifteenth-century England, The case of Humphrey, Duke of Gloucester
Leiden; Boston, 2004
125.    Paul Schuurman
Ideas, Mental Faculties, and Method, The Logic of Ideas of Descartes and Locke and Its Reception in the Dutch Republic, 1630-1750
Leiden, Boston, 2004
126.    Inigo Bocken (ed.)
Conflict and reconciliation, Perspectives on Nicolas of Cusa
Leiden; Boston, 2004
127.    Willemien Otten
From paradise to paradigm, A study of twelfth-century humanism
Leiden; Boston, 2004
128.    Arnoud S.Q. Visser
Joannes Sambucus and the learned image, The use of the emblem in late-Renaissance humanism
Leiden; Boston, 2005
129.    J.J.A. Mooij
Time and mind, The history of a philosophical problem
Leiden; Boston, 2005
130.    Istv√°n P. Bejczy and Richard G. Newhauser (eds.)
Virtue and ethics in the twelfth century
Leiden, Boston, 2005
131.    Saul Fisher
Pierre Gassendi's philosophy and science, Atomism for empiricists
Leiden; Boston, 2005
132.    Stephen A. Wilson
Virtue reformed, Rereading Jonathan Edwards's ethics
Leiden; Boston, 2005
133.    Timothy Kircher
The poet's wisdom, The humanists, the church, and the formation of philosophy in the early Renaissance
Leiden; Boston, 2006
134.    Martin Mulsow and Jan Rohls (eds.)
Socinianism and Arminianism, Antitrinitarians, Calvinists, and cultural exchange in seventeenth-century Europe
Leiden; Boston, 2005
135.    Peter Rietbergen
Power and Religion in Baroque Rome, Barberini Cultural Policies
Leiden; Boston, 2006
136.    Christopher S. Celenza and Kenneth Gouwens (eds.)
Humanism and Creativity in the Renaissance, Essays in Honor of Ronald G. Witt
Leiden, Boston, 2006
137.    Fokke Akkerman and Piet Steenbakkers (eds.)
Spinoza to the letter, Studies in words, texts and books
Leiden; Boston, 2005
138.    Andrea Finkelstein
The Grammar of Profit, The Price Revolution in Intellectual Context
Leiden; Boston, 2006
139.    Martine Julia van Ittersum
Profit and Principle, Hugo Grotius, Natural Rights Theories and the Rise of Dutch Power in the East Indies 1595-1615
Leiden - Boston, 2006
140.    J.M.I. Klaver
The apostle of the flesh, A critical life of Charles Kingsley
Boston, 2006
141.    Vesa Hirvonen, Toivo J. Holopainen, and Miira Tuominen (eds.)
Mind and modality, Studies in the history of philosophy in honour of Simo Knuuttila
Leiden; Boston, 2006
142.    Anne Ashley Davenport
Descartes's theory of action
Leiden; Boston, 2006
143.    Angelo Mazzocco (ed.)
Interpretations of Renaissance humanism
Leiden; Boston, 2006
144.    Wim Verbaal, Yanick Maes, Jan Papy (eds.)
Latinitas perennis, Volume I
Leiden; Boston, 2007
145.    D'Arcy Jonathan Dacre Boulton and Jan R. Veenstra (eds.)
The ideology of Burgundy, The promotion of national consciousness, 1364-1565
Leiden; Boston, 2006
146.    Arnold Geulincx
Leiden; Boston, 2006
147.    Charles M. Radding and Antonio Ciaralli
The Corpus iuris civilis in the Middle Ages, Manuscripts and transmission from the sixth century to the juristic revival
Leiden; Boston, 2007
148.    Mette Birkedal Bruun
Parables, Bernard of Clairvaux's mapping of spiritual topography
Leiden; Boston, 2007
149.    Ulrich L. Lehner
Kants Vorsehungskonzept auf dem Hintergrund der deutschen Schulphilosophie und -theologie
Leiden; Boston, 2007
150.    Geert Warnar
Ruusbroec, Literature and mysticism in the fourteenth century
Leiden; Boston, 2007
151.    Michael Treschow, Willemien Otten, Walter Hannam (eds.)
Divine creation in ancient, medieval, and early modern thought, Essays presented to the Rev'd Dr. Robert D. Crouse
Leiden; Boston, 2007
152.    David Juste
Les Alchandreana primitifs, √Čtude sur les plus anciens trait√©s astrologiques latins d'origine arabe, Xe si√®cle
Leiden; Boston, 2007
153.    Laszlo Sandor Chardonnens
Anglo-Saxon prognostics, 900-1100 : study and texts
Leiden; Boston, 2007
154.    Leidulf Melve
Inventing the public sphere, The public debate during the investiture contest (c. 1030-1122)
Leiden; Boston, 2007
155.    Wyger R. E. Velema
Republicans, Essays on Eighteenth-Century Dutch Political Thought
Leiden, Boston, 2007
156.    Rebecca Ard Boone
War, domination, and the monarchy of France, Claude de Seyssel and the language of politics in the Renaissance
Leiden; Boston, 2007
157.    Paul J. Smith
Dispositio, Problematic ordering in French Renaissance literature
Leiden; Boston, 2007
158.    Donna Heddle
John Stewart of Baldynneis Roland Furious, A Scots poem in its European context
Leiden; Boston, 2008
159.    Margret Schuchard (ed.)
Bernhard Varenius (1622-1650)
Leiden; Boston, 2007
160.    Istv√°n P. Bejczy
Virtue ethics in the Middle Ages, Commentaries on Aristotle's Nicomachean ethics, 1200 -1500
Leiden, Boston, 2008
161-162.    Suzanne Stern-Gillet and Kevin Corrigan (eds.)
Reading ancient texts, Essays in honour of Denis O'Brien
Leiden; Boston, 2007-
164.    Regina Stefaniak
Mysterium Magnum, Michelangelo's Tondo Doni
Leiden; Boston, 2008
165.    Leo Catana
The historiographical concept 'system of philosophy', Its origin, nature, influence, and legitimacy
Leiden; Boston, 2008
166.    Julian Goodare and Alasdair A. MacDonald (eds.)
Sixteenth-century Scotland, Essays in honour of Michael Lynch
Leiden; Boston, 2008
167.    Wiep van Bunge and Hans Bots (eds.)
Pierre Bayle (1647-1706), le philosophe de Rotterdam, Philosophy, religion and reception. Selected papers of the tercentenary conference held at Rotterdam, 7-8 December 2006
Leiden; Boston, 2008
168.    Arjan van Dixhoorn, Susie Speakman Sutch (eds.)
The reach of the republic of letters, Literary and learned societies in late medieval and early modern Europe
Leiden; Boston, 2008
169.    Simona Cohen
Animals as disguised symbols in Renaissance art
Leiden; Boston, 2008
170.    Thomas M. Lennon
The plain truth, Descartes, Huet, and skepticism
Leiden; Boston, 2008
171.    Beda Mayr
Vertheidigung der katholischen Religion, Sammt einem Anhange von der Möglichkeit einer Vereinigung zwischen unserer, und der evangelisch-lutherischen Kirche (1789)
Leiden; Boston, 2009
172.    Jan Rothkamm
Institutio oratoria, Bacon, Descartes, Hobbes, Spinoza
Leiden; Boston, 2009
173.    Carol M. Richardson
Reclaiming Rome, Cardinals in the fifteenth century
Leiden; Boston, 2009
174.    James of Viterbo
De regimine Christiano, A critical edition and translation
Leiden; Boston, 2009
175.    Mogens L√¶rke (ed.)
The use of censorship in the Enlightenment
Leiden; Boston, 2009
176.    Ren√©e van de Vall, Robert Zwijnenberg (eds.)
The body within, Art, medicine and visualization
Leiden; Boston, 2009
177.    Michael J. Sauter
Visions of the Enlightenment, The Edict on Religion of 1788 and the politics of the public sphere in eighteenth-century Prussia
Leiden; Boston, 2009
178.    Yannick Maes, Jan Papy, Wim Verbaal (eds.)
Latinitas perennis, Volume II: Appropriation and Latin literature
Leiden, 2009
179.    Dirk van Miert
Humanism in an age of science, The Amsterdam Athenaeum in the golden age, 1632-1704
Leiden; Boston, 2009
180.    Juhani Pietarinen and Valtteri Viljanen (eds.)
The world as active power, Studies in the history of European reason
Leiden; Boston, 2009
181.    Jos√© R. Maia Neto, Gianni Paganini, John Christian Laursen (eds.)
Skepticism in the modern age, Building on the work of Richard Popkin
Leiden; Boston, 2009
182.    Laura Cruz, Willem Frijhoff (eds.)
Myth in history, history in myth
Leiden; Boston, 2009
183.    Asaph Ben-Tov
Lutheran humanists and Greek antiquity, Melanchthonian scholarship between universal history and pedagogy
Leiden; Boston, 2009
184.    Ann Talbot
"The great ocean of knowledge", The influence of travel literature on the work of John Locke
Leiden; Boston, 2010
185.    G√°bor Alm√°si
The uses of humanism, Johannes Sambucus (1531-1584), Andreas Dudith (1533-1589), and the republic of letters in East Central Europe
Leiden; Boston, 2009
186.    Kocku von Stuckrad
Locations of knowledge in medieval and early modern Europe, Esoteric discourse and Western identities
Leiden; Boston, 2010
187.    Deborah Baumgold
Contract theory in historical context, Essays on Grotius, Hobbes, and Locke
Leiden; Boston, 2010
188.    Willemien Otten, Arjo Vanderjagt, Hent de Vries (eds.)
How the west was won, Essays on the literary imagination, the canon, and the Christian middle ages for Burcht Pranger
Leiden; Boston, 2010
189.    Christopher S. Celenza (ed.)
Angelo Poliziano's Lamia, Text, translation, and introductory studies
Leiden; Boston, 2010
190.    M.B. Pranger
Eternity's ennui, Temporality, perseverance and voice in Augustine and Western literature
Leiden; Boston, 2010
191.    Eric Jorink
Reading the book of nature in the Dutch golden age, 1575-1715
Leiden; Boston, 2010
192.    Jeannine De Landtsheer & Henk Nellen (eds.)
Between Scylla and Charybdis, Learned letter writers navigating the reefs of religious and political controversy in early modern Europe
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