bookseries » Studies in Netherlandish Art and Cultural History

Studies in Netherlandish Art and Cultural History

ISSN 1872-9932

1.    Mariët Westermann
The Amusements of Jan Steen, Comic Painting in the Seventeenth Century
Zwolle, 1997
2.    Eric Jan Sluijter
Seductress of sight, Studies in Dutch art of the Golden Age
Zwolle, 2000
3.    John Loughman & John Michael Montias
Public and Private Spaces, Works of Art in Seventeenth Century Dutch Houses
Zwolle, 2000
4.    Mark A. Meadow
Pieter Bruegel the Elder's netherlandish proverbs and the practice of rhetoric
Zwolle, 2002
5.    Frits Scholten
Sumptuous memories, Studies in seventeenth-century Dutch tomb sculpture
Zwolle, 2003
6.    Herman Roodenburg
The eloquence of the body, perspectives on gesture in the Dutch Republic
Zwolle, 2004
7.    Margit Thøfner
A common art, Urban ceremonial in Antwerp and Brussels during and after the Dutch Revolt
Zwolle, 2007
8.    Joanna Woodall
Anthonis Mor, Art and Authority
Zwolle, 2007
9.    Xander van Eck
Clandestine splendor, Paintings for the Catholic Church in the Dutch Republic
Zwolle, 2008
10.    Reindert Falkenburg
The land of unlikeness, Hieronymus Bosch, The garden of earthly delights
[Zwolle], 2011
11.    Aleksandra Lipinska
Moving sculptures, Southern Netherlandish alabasters from the 16th to 17th centuries in central and northern Europe
Leiden; Boston, 2015
12.    Thijs Weststeijn
Art and antiquity in the Netherlands and Britain, The vernacular arcadia of Franciscus Junius (1591-1677)
Leiden; Boston, 2015
13.    Douglas Brine
Pious memories, The wall-mounted memorial in the Burgundian Netherlands
Leiden; Boston, 2015