7 Bible
71 Old Testament
71C Genesis: the patriarchs
71C2 story of Isaac

71C21 Rebekah (Rebecca) sought in marriage (Genesis 24)

            71C211 Eliezer taking the oath: Abraham sends him to his relatives in Mesopotamia to find a wife for Isaac
            71C212 Eliezer on his way to Mesopotamia
            71C213 the meeting at the well: Eliezer sees Rebekah coming with a pitcher (1)
            71C214 Eliezer at Rebekah's house
            71C215 the return journey and arrival in Canaan (Eliezer and Rebekah)
            71C216 Isaac brings Rebekah into Sarah's tent
            71C217 marriage of Isaac and Rebekah

Ferdinand Bol
Rebecca and Eliezer at the Well
c. 1645-46