7 Bible
71 Old Testament
71C Genesis: the patriarchs
71C2 story of Isaac

71C27 Isaac's blessing (of Jacob and Esau) (Genesis 27)

            71C271 Isaac, stricken with old age and near blindness, sends Esau for venison; Rebekah overhears the conversation
            71C272 Esau hunting
            71C273 Rebekah instructs Jacob and bids him to fetch two young goats
            71C274 Isaac lying in bed blesses Jacob who, disguised in Esau's clothes, brings food to his father; Jacob's hands and neck are covered with goatskins (1)
            71C275 Esau comes back with venison
            71C276 Esau seeks his father's blessing; Isaac realizes he has mistakenly blessed Jacob instead of Esau

Govert Flinck
Isaac blessing Jacob