7 Bible
71 Old Testament
71D Genesis: the story of Joseph
71D1 story of Joseph (part I)
71D11 Joseph incurs the hatred of his brothers (Genesis 37:1-11)

71D115 Joseph's dreams

            71D1151 first dream of Joseph: the eleven sheaves of wheat of his brothers form a circle round Joseph's sheaf and bow down
            71D1152 second dream of Joseph: the sun, moon and eleven stars make obeisance to Joseph
            71D1153 Joseph relating his dreams (the two dreams combined) (6)

Jan Victors
Joseph Recounting His Dreams

Attributed to Karel van der Pluym
Joseph Explaining His Dreams
c. 1648-50

Jacob de Wet
Joseph telling his dreams

Jan Victors
Joseph telling his dreams

Joseph Telling His Dreams to Jacob
c. 1642-43

Joseph Telling his Dreams