7 Bible
71 Old Testament
71H story of David

71H2 David's wanderings

            71D121 Jacob sends Joseph to his brothers, who are taking care of their father's flock at Shechem
            71D122 Joseph on his way (possibly encountering an angel)
            71D123 the brothers see Joseph arriving in the distance and plot his death
            71D124 Joseph's coat is stripped off by his brothers
            71D125 while Joseph's brothers are eating, a caravan of Ishmaelite (Midianite) merchants passes by: Judah proposes to sell Joseph to them
            71D126 Joseph on his way to Egypt with the Ishmaelites (Joseph may be shown weeping at the tomb of his mother as they pass by)
            71D127 Reuben finds the empty pit and tears his clothes in sorrow
            71D128 Joseph's blood-stained coat is brought and shown to Jacob (1)
            71H21 David at Nob (1 Samuel 21:1-10) (1)
            71H22 David's wanderings from Gath to Maon (1 Samuel 21:11 - 22:5, 23)
            71H23 David at En-gedi (1 Samuel 24)
            71H24 David and Abigail (1 Samuel 25) (1)
            71H25 David at Hachilah (1 Samuel 26) (1)
            71H26 David at Ziklag (1 Samuel 27, 29, 30)

Aert de Gelder
Ahimelech gives David the sword of Goliath
c. 1680/90

Jan van Noordt
Nabal Refuses to Feed David and His People

Willem Drost
David Prevents Abisai from Killing Saul
c. 1649-50