7 Bible
71 Old Testament
71H story of David
71H7 David and Bathsheba (2 Samuel 11-12)

71H71 David, from the roof (or balcony) of his palace, sees Bathsheba bathing

            71H711 Joab and his army marching to battle against the Ammonites ~ Bathsheba bathing
            71H712 Bathsheba attended by servant(s) (3)
            71H713 Bathsheba receives a letter from David (8)
            71H714 Bathsheba comes to David's palace
            71H715 David and Bathsheba as lovers

Pieter Lastman

Sebastiano Ricci
Bathsheba at the Bath

Artemisia Gentileschi
Bathsheba at Her Bath

Lucas Cranach the Elder
David and Bathsheba

Jacob van Loo
Bathsheba at her bath

Paul C├ęzanne

Cornelis van Haarlem
Bathsheba at Her Bath

School of Rembrandt
Bathsheba Bathing

Philips Koninck
Bathsheba Receiving King David's Letter

Johan Koenig
The Toilet of Bathsheba

Jan Lievens
Bathsheba Receiving King David
c. 1631

Jan Steen
Bathsheba Receiving David's Letter
c. 1659

Jan Lievens
Bathsheba Reading David's Letter

Govert Flinck
Bathsheba with David's letter

Willem Drost
Bathsheba with David's Letter