7 Bible
73 New Testament
73D Passion of Christ

73D7 From Christ's deposition to his entombment (Matthew 27:58-66; Mark 15:46-47; Luke 23:53-56; John 19:39-42)

            73D71 descent from the cross: Christ is taken down from the cross, usually by Nicodemus and Joseph of Arimathaea who are standing on the ladders (both arms of Christ detached) (21)
            73D72 the mourning over the dead Christ (18)
            73D73 Man of Sorrows, 'Imago Pietatis', 'Erb√§rmdebild', 'Schmerzensmann'; the upright Christ showing his wounds, usually bearing the crown of thorns, and accompanied by the instruments of the Passion, standing or sitting in his tomb (7)
            73D74 bearing of Christ's body to the grave
            73D75 preparations for Christ's entombment
            73D76 Christ's entombment (possibly by angels) (31)
            73D77 events after Christ's entombment (1)
            73D78 (architectonic) structure representing or symbolizing the Holy Sepulchre