7 Bible
73 New Testament
73E events from Resurrection to Pentecost (Matthew 28; Mark 16; Luke 24; John 20-21; Acts 1:3-11); Mary's and Joseph's death
73E3 appearances of Christ after the Resurrection
73E34 the journey to Emmaus: two disciples (Cleopas and Peter) under way

73E342 Cleopas and Peter arrive at the gate of Emmaus, or at the inn; Christ is asked to stay

            73E3421 Christ is prevented from going on by the disciples Cleopas and Peter who tug at his garment ~ journey to Emmaus

School of Rembrandt
Christ and the Two Disciples Arriving at Emmaus
c. 1647

Christ on the Road to Emmaus
c. 1639

Joachim Beuckelaer
Larder with Christ at Emmaus
c. 1560-65

Govert Flinck
Christ and his disciples arrive at the inn of Emmaus

Christ and the Two Disciples on Their Way to Emmaus
c. 1647

Jan and Lucas Duetecum after Pieter Bruegel
Way to Emmaus
c. 1555

Pieter Bruegel the Elder
Way to Emmaus