7 Bible
73 New Testament
73F lives and acts of the apostles of Christ; epistles
73F2 lives and acts of the apostles (part I)
73F22 life and acts of Paul (Saul)
73F223 missionary journeys of Paul

73F2236 The proceedings against Paul in Jerusalem (Acts 21:17 - 26)

            73F22361 Paul tells the congregation about his journey
            73F22362 Paul is dragged out of the temple by the Jews; he is rescued by soldiers, who arrest him and carry him away
            73F22363 Paul before the high priest Ananias and the Sanhedrin
            73F22364 Paul in prison (1)
            73F22365 Paul is brought to Caesarea by soldiers with a letter to Felix, the governor
            73F22366 Paul accused before Felix by Tertullus
            73F22367 Paul before Felix and Drusilla
            73F22368 Paul is accused before Festus by the Jews
            73F22369 Paul before Festus, King Agrippa and Queen Bernice

St. Paul in Prison