9 Classical Mythology and Ancient History
92 gods ~ classical mythology
92B the great gods of Heaven, and their train
92B1 (story of) Jupiter (Zeus)
92B12 love-affairs of Jupiter

92B122 Love-affairs of Jupiter ~ females (II): second series

            92B1221 Jupiter and Juno as lovers
            92B1222 Jupiter, in the shape of a swan, and Leda (10)
            92B1223 Jupiter visits Maia, one of the Pleiades, in the dead of night on Mount Cyllene
            92B1224 Jupiter, in the guise of a shepherd, and Mnemosyne, Titaness and mother of the Muses
            92B1225 Jupiter, in the form of a snake, and Proserpina
            92B1226 Jupiter wooing Semele

Paul C├ęzanne
Leda and the Swan
c. 1880-82

Leda and the Swan

Jan Pauwel Gillemans II
Fountain with a Sculpture of Leda and the Swan, Adorned with Fruit

Leda and the Swan
c. 1505-07

After Michelangelo
Leda and the Swan
after 1530

Attributed to Giuliano Bugiardini
Copy of Leonardo's Standing Leda
c. 1504

Leonardo da Vinci
Study for Leda
c. 1503-07

Attributed to Cesare da Sesto
Leda and the Swan
c. 1515

William Etty
Study for "Leda and the Swan"
c. 1840