9 Classical Mythology and Ancient History
92 gods ~ classical mythology
92C the great goddesses of Heaven, and their train

92C3 (story of) Diana (Artemis)

            92C31 (story of) Diana (Artemis) - early life, prime youth
            92C32 love-affairs of Diana
            92C33 (story of) Diana (Artemis) - most important deeds
            92C34 (story of) Diana (Artemis) - aggressive, unfriendly activities and relationships
            92C35 non-aggressive, friendly or neutral activities and relationships of Diana (12)
            92C36 (story of) Diana (Artemis) - suffering, misfortune
            92C37 specific aspects, allegorical aspects of Diana; Diana as patroness
            92C38 attributes of Diana
            92C39 offspring, companion(s), train etc. of Diana

Follower of Rembrandt
Diana Bathing
Late 1630s

Diana Bathing with Her Nymphs

Johannes Vermeer
Diana and Her Companions
c. 1653-54

Jan van Neck
Diana Bathing

Jacob van Loo
Diana and Callisto

Diana and Callisto

Peter Paul Rubens after Titian
Diana Discovers Callisto's Pregnancy

Workshop of Cornelis van Poelenburch
Landscape with the discovery of Callisto's pregnancy
c. 1630-40

Anton Mirou
Landscape with Diana and Callisto

Andrea Schiavone
Diana and Callisto
c. 1550

Diana and Callisto
c. 1642-43