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Abraham van Calraet

(1642 - 1722)

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Books with substantial mentioning of Abraham van Calraet

Peter C. Sutton
Northern European Paintings in the Philadelphia Museum of Art, From the Sixteenth through the Nineteenth Century
Philadelphia, 1990

Catalogues with an entry on Abraham van Calraet

Pieter J.J. van Thiel, C.J. de Bruyn Kops, Jola Cleveringa, Wouter Kloek, Annemarie Vels Heijn
All the paintings of the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, A completely illustrated catalogue
Amsterdam; Maarssen, 1976

Articles on Abraham van Calraet

Jacques Goudstikker, Een portret van Abraham van Calraet, in Oud Holland, 46, 1929 pp. 104-106
J.L. van Dalen, De familie Van Calraet, in Oud Holland, 42, 1925 pp. 172-175

Articles with substantial mentioning of Abraham van Calraet

G.H. Veth, Aanteekeningen omtrent eenige Dordrechtse schilders, in Oud Holland, 7, 1889 pp. 298-311

Died:June 11, 1722

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