Cima da Conegliano (1459/60 - 1517/18)

Italian painter

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Books on Cima da Conegliano
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Articles on Cima da Conegliano
Peter Humfrey, Cima da Conegliano, Sebastiano Mariani, and Alvise Vivarini at the East End of S. Giovanni in Bragora in Venice, in Art Bulletin, 62, 1980 pp. 350-363  read online

Exhibitions with works by Cima da Conegliano:
2006     Bellini, Giorgione, Titian and the Renaissance of Venetian Painting

Born:   1459/60
   Conegliano (Treviso)
Died:   1517/18
   Conegliano or Venice
ULAN:   500012627