Edward Collier (ca. 1640 - after 1708)

Dutch painter

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Books with substantial mentioning of Edward Collier

 Jan Nicolaisen
Niederländische Malerei, 1430-1800, Museum der bildenden Künste Leipzig
Leipzig, 2012

 Ildikó Ember
Dutch and Flemish still lifes 1600-1800
Leiden: Budapest, 2011

 George S. Keyes, Susan Donahue Kuretsky, Axel Rüger, and Arthur K. Wheelock, Jr.
Masters of Dutch Painting, The Detroit Institute of Arts
Detroit - London, 2004

Books with an entry on Edward Collier
 P. Biesboer
Collections of paintings in Haarlem, 1572-1745
Los Angeles, 2001

Born:   ca. 1640
Died:   after 1708
ULAN:   500008569