Daniel Vosmaer (1622 - 1669/70)

Dutch painter

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Daniel Vosmaer was born in Delft in 1622 as the son of the goldsmith Arent Woutersz. Vosmaer. His brother Nicolaes was also a painter specialized in seascapes. His teacher is unknown, but probably he was a pupil of his uncle Jacob Woutersz. Vosmaer. He joined the Delft guild in 1650. In 1661 Vosmaer married Annetje Eduwards de Neef and settled together with her in Den Briel, a city where his brother Abraham lived since 1654. Although living in Den Briel he did not give up the citizenship of Delft. He died in 1670 in Den Briel.

Vosmaer produced mainly cityscapes. Most of them depict Delft but he also produced some showing Den Briel.

 George S. Keyes, Susan Donahue Kuretsky, Axel Rüger, and Arthur K. Wheelock, Jr.
Masters of Dutch Painting, The Detroit Institute of Arts
Detroit - London, 2004

Born:   1622
Died:   1669/70
   Den Briel
ULAN:   500011306