Isaak van Nickelen (1632/33 - 1703)

Dutch painter

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1632/33, born in Haarlem as son of Jan Cornelisz. van Nickelen.

27 September 1654, marries Maria Hamers from Haarlem.

7 October 1659, pays first dues to the Guild of St Luke, Haarlem.

1655/56, eldest son, Jan is born.

1662, applies for patent on a long-running clock, as a watchmaker.

22 September 1677, buys the Het Mennistenbosje inn, as is mentioned as a merchant.

9 November 1678, Isaak and his wife draw their will.

31 January 1679, Maria is buried in the Bakenesserkerk, Haarlem.

21 February 1678, contract with the city of Haarlem for founding a factory for working raw Italian silk.

2 December 1681, contract with the city of Alkmaar for a simalar factory.

21 January 1682, receives a subsidy in Alkmaar for the construction of two twine mills.

End of 1685, is living in Haarlem.

1690, buys Dal en Berg Manor in Santpoort.

11 February 1694, get permission from mthe town of Haarlem to raffle off one of his paintings.

October 1696, takes over Het Glashuis glassworks in Haarlem.

1 August 1698, is declared bankrupt.

27 December 1703, is buried in the Grote Kerk in Haarlem.


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Articles on Isaak van Nickelen
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Isaak Jansz. van Nickelen
Born:   1632/33
Died:   1703
ULAN:   500007797