Thomas Heeremans (1641 - 1694)

Dutch painter

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29 May 1641, baptized in the Reformed Church in Haarlem, oldest child of Her(e)man Thomasz. (cooper) and Gooltje Maertensdr.

4 December 1663, marries Trijntje Claesdr. from Leiden and is mentioned as living in the Valkesteeg, Haarlem.

1664, joins the Guild of St Luke in Haarlem.

Between 1664 and 1673, three sons and two daughters ar baptized in the Reformed Church.

26 September 1680, Tijntje Claesdr. is burried in the Noorderkerkhof, Haarlem.

15 December 1680, marries Sibilla Juriaensdr., from Germany, and is mentioned as living at the Vest near the Spaarnwoudeerpoort.

1684, son Ghijsbert is born.

1685, buys and rebuilts a house on the Vest between the Spaarnwouderpoort and the Papentoren.

22 January 1694, is burried in the Noorderkerkhof, Haarlem.


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Exhibitions with works by Thomas Heeremans:
2004     Hollandse stranden in de Gouden Eeuw

Born:   1641
Died:   1694
ULAN:   500006186