Frans van Mieris the Elder (1635 - 1681)

Dutch Golden Age genre painter

Exhibitions with works by Frans van Mieris the Elder:
2017     Vermeer and the Masters of Genre Painting: Inspiration and Rivalry
     Masterpieces from The Leiden Collection: The Age of Rembrandt
2016     Van Eyck, Brueghel, Jordaens. Masterpieces from Romania
2015     Masters of Everyday: Dutch Artists in the Age of Vermeer
     Dutch Self-Portraits - Selfies of the Golden Age
2014     Emotions: Pain and pleasure in Dutch painting of the Golden Age
2010     Golden: Dutch and Flemish masterworks from the Rose-Marie and Eijk van Otterloo collection
2009     Das Zeitalter Rembrandts
2008     From Rembrandt to Vermeer - Civil Values in 17th-Century Flemish and Dutch Painting
     Black is beautiful. Rubens to Dumas
2007     Dutch Portraits: The Age of Rembrandt and Frans Hals
     Drawings from the Dutch Golden Age
2005     Rembrandt and His Time: Masterworks from the Albertina
2004     Senses and Sins: Dutch Painters of Daily Life in the Seventeenth Century
     Het geschenk
2002     Bruegel to Rembrandt: Dutch and Flemish Drawings from the Maida and George Abrams Collection
2001     Art and Home, Dutch Interiors in the Age of Rembrandt
     The Leiden 'fijnschilders' from Dresden
2000     Glory of the Golden Age: Dutch art of the 17th century. Drawings and Prints
1993     Bilder vom alten Menschen
1990     Great Dutch Paintings in America
1987     Im Lichte Hollands
1986     Portretten van echt en trouw
1976     Art in 17th-century Holland
1961     Holländische Zeichnungen der Rembrandt-Zeit

Born:   1635
Died:   1681
ULAN:   500005591