Louys Aernoutsz. Elsevier (1618 - 1675)

Dutch painter

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Louys Elsevier was born in Leiden in 1618, where he was probably taught by his father, the painter and innkeeper Aernout Elsevier. He joined the painters' guild in 1645, but must have moved to Delft shorthly afterwards, as he registered with the Delft guild of St Luke on 3 September 1646, and went on to become headman of the guild for several terms between 1669 and 1674. Elsevier married Helena Waelpoth, the daughter of a prosperous printer, in Leiden in 1645. He died in Delft and was buried in the Oude Kewrk on 3 December 1675.

Articles on Louys Aernoutsz. Elsevier
Clara Bille, Een kerkinterieur van Louis Aernoutsz Elsevier, in Oud Holland, 66, 1951 pp. 122-124

Exhibitions with works by Louys Aernoutsz. Elsevier:
2001     Vermeer and the Delft School
1991     Perspectives: Saenredam and the architectural painters of the 17th century

Born:   1618
Died:   1675
ULAN:   500027043