Jean-Baptiste Pater (1695 - 1736)

French painter

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Books with substantial mentioning of Jean-Baptiste Pater
 Philip Conisbee
French paintings of the fifteenth through the eighteenth century
Washington; Princeton, N.J., 2009

Articles on Jean-Baptiste Pater
Margaret Morgan Grasselli, Following in Watteau's Line: Some Drawings by Jean-Baptiste Pater, in Master Drawings, 38, 2000 pp. 166
G.M.C. Jansen, Het Galant gezelschap in een landschap door Jean-Baptiste Pater (1695-1736), in Bulletin van het Rijksmuseum, 42, 1994 pp. 3-12

Exhibitions with works by Jean-Baptiste Pater:
1990     From Pisanello to C├ęzanne

Born:   1695
Died:   1736
ULAN:   500005903