Théodore Chassériau (1819 - 1856)

French painter

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Books with substantial mentioning of Théodore Chassériau
 Everett Fahy (ed.)
The Wrightsman pictures
New York; New Haven, 2005

Articles on Théodore Chassériau
Sarah Betzger, Afterimage of the Eruption: An Archaeology of Chassériau's Tepidarium (1853), in Art History, 33, 2010 pp. 466-489
Peter Benson Miller, By the Sword and the Plow: Théodore Chassériau's Cour des Comptes Murals and Algeria, in Art Bulletin, 86, 2004 pp. 690-718

Exhibitions with works by Théodore Chassériau:
1997     Orientalism. Delacroix to Klee

Born:   1819
Died:   1856
ULAN:   500115358