Anne Vallayer-Coster (1744 - 1818)

French painter

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Books on Anne Vallayer-Coster
 Eik Kahng, Marianne Roland Michel
Anne Vallayer-Coster, painter to the court of Marie-Antoinette
Dallas, TX, New Haven, 2002

 Marianne Roland Michel
Anne Vallayer-Coster, 1744-1818.
Paris, 1970

Books with substantial mentioning of Anne Vallayer-Coster
 Delia Gaze (ed.)
Dictionary of Women Artists
London, Chicago, 1997

Exhibitions with works by Anne Vallayer-Coster:
2007     Inspiring Impressionism. The Impressionists and the art of the past

Born:   1744
Died:   1818
ULAN:   500007243