William Shakespeare

Books on William Shakespeare
 Jonathan Hart
Shakespeare and his contemporaries
Basingstoke, 2011

 David Schalkwyk
Shakespeare, love and service
Cambridge, U.K.; New York, 2008

 Dirk Delabastita, Jozef de Vos, and Paul Franssen (eds.)
Shakespeare and European politics
Newark, 2008

 Robert A. Logan
Shakespeare's Marlowe, The influence of Christopher Marlowe on Shakespeare's artistry
Aldershot, England, Burlington, VT, 2007

 Patrick Cheney (ed.)
The Cambridge companion to Shakespeare's poetry
Cambridge, UK; New York, 2007

 Brian Vickers
Shakespeare, A lover's complaint, and John Davies of Hereford
Cambridge; New York, 2007

 Stuart Sillars
Painting Shakespeare, The artist as critic, 1720-1820
Cambridge, New York, 2006

 Don-John Dugas
Marketing the bard, Shakespeare in performance and print, 1660-1740
Columbia, 2006

 Paula Blank
Shakespeare and the mismeasure of Renaissance man
Ithaca, N.Y., 2006

 Paul Menzer (ed.)
Inside Shakespeare, Essays on the Blackfriars stage
Selinsgrove, 2006

 Adam Max Cohen
Shakespeare and technology, Dramatizing early modern technological revolutions
New York, 2006

 Russ McDonald
Shakespeare's late style
Cambridge; New York, 2006

 Patrick Cheney
Shakespeare, national poet-playwright
New York, 2004

 David Schalkwyk
Speech and performance in Shakespeare's sonnets and plays
Cambridge, U.K.; New York, 2002

 Keith Dockray
William Shakespeare, the Wars of the Roses and the historians
Stroud, Gloucestershire; Charleston, SC, 2002

 Russ McDonald
Shakespeare and the arts of language
Oxford; New York, 2001

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Articles on William Shakespeare
Patrick Kragelund, Abildgaard, Füssli and the first Shakespeare paintings outside Britain, in Zeitschrift für Kunstgeschichte, 73, 2010 pp. 237-254