Works once in the possession of Colnaghi

Anthony van Dyck
Philip, Lord Wharton

Anthony van Dyck
Isabella Brant
c. 1621

Henry Raeburn
David Anderson
c. 1790

Jean-Siméon Chardin
The House of Cards
c. 1737

Frans Hals
Adriaen van Ostade

Philips Wouwermans
A Man and a Woman on Horseback
c. 1653–54

Francisco Goya
The Forge
c. 1813-18

Giovanni Ambrogio de Predis
Portrait of Bianca Maria Sforza
c. 1493

Frans Hals
Portrait of a Young Man

Peter Paul Rubens
The meeting of Abraham and Melchizedek
c. 1625

Samuel van Hoogstraten
Girl with a Broom
c. 1648

Giovanni Bellini and workshop
Virgin and Child with Saints
c. 1505-08

Gerard David
The Deposition
c. 1495-1500

Anthony van Dyck
Portrait of a Flemish lady

Anthony van Dyck
Virgin and Child with Saint Catherine of Alexandria
c. 1630

Caspar Netscher
The Card Party
c. 1665

Jusepe de Ribera
The Holy Family with Saints Anna and Catherine of Alexandria

Eugène Delacroix
Columbus and his son at La Rábida

Ferdinand Bol
Portrait of a Woman

Corneille de la Haye
Portrait of a Man
c. 1536/40

Jan van Goyen
A River Scene, with Fishermen laying a Net

Piazza San Marco, Venice
late 1720s

Govert Flinck
Self portrait

Hans Holbein the Younger
Benedict von Hertenstein

Godfried Schalcken
Pretiose recognised

Gerard David
The rest on the flight into Egypt
c. 1510

Jacob Jordaens
Portrait of a man
c. 1624

Eleonora di Toledo
c. 1560

Frans Hals
Portrait of a Woman, possibly Marie Larp

Jan van Goyen
A Scene on the Ice outside Dordrecht

Giovanni Bellini
Saint Francis of Assisi in Ecstasy

Dosso Dossi
Circe and Her Lovers in a Landscape
c. 1525

John Singer Sargent
Campo die Frari, Venice
c. 1880-82

Anthony van Dyck
Marchesa Giovanna Cattaneo

Jacob de Wet
Abraham and Melchizedek

Thomas Gainsborough
Lieutenant Colonel Paul Pechell

Thomas Gainsborough
Miss Catherine Tatton

Salomon van Ruysdael
A Draw-Well with Cattle before Beverwijck Church

Pieter Lely
Study for a Portrait of a Woman

Queen Semiramis Receiving News of the Revolt of Babylon

Nicolaes Berchem
An Italian farmhouse

Thomas Gainsborough
A Boy with a Cat - Morning

Sebastiano del Piombo
Portrait of a Young Wioman as a Wise Virgin
c. 1510

John Singer Sargent
Ponte Panada, Fondamenta Nuove
c. 1880-81

Salvator Mundi
c. 1515

Thomas Gainsborough
The Earl of Darnley

The Portello and the Brenta Canal at Padua
c. 1740

Jan Both
An Italianate landscape

Charles-Andre van Loo
The Hunt Breakfast
c. 1737

Dirck van Baburen
Christ being crowned with Thorns
c. 1622-24

Johann Zoffany
The Reverend Philip Cocks

Circle of Diego Velázquez
Pope Innocent X
c. 1650

Anton Rafael Mengs
Portrait of William Fermor

John Hoppner
Mrs. Whaley

Mattia Preti
The Risen Christ

Jacob van Loo
Portrait of a Couple, Possibly Jan Jacobsz. Hinlopen and Leonora Huydecoper
c. 1657-58

Gilbert Stuart
Lady Liston

Jean-Etienne Liotard
Young Woman in Maltese Costume

El Greco
Vincenzo Anastagi
c. 1575

Gabriel Metsu
A Lady at Her Toilet