Works traded through or once in the possession of Agnew

William Blake Richmond
The Watchers

Anonymous South German
St Sebastian
Late 15th century

Workshop of Paolo Veronese
The Madonna and Child with Saints

John Riley
Portrait of Sir William Monson, 4th Bt. (c. 1653-1727)

Francis Towne
Looking north from the lower slope of Snowdon

Paul-Désiré Trouillebert
La Lavandiere Marchant au bord de la Loire

Joshua Reynolds
Portrait of Mrs Thomas Wodehouse, half-length, in a white dress with gold embroidery

Myles Birket Foster

Domenico Tintoretto
Portrait of a gentleman, half-length

Jan van Goyen
Dilapidated Farmhouse with Peasants

Johannes Verspronck
Portrait of Johan de Waal (1594–1678)

Thomas Lawrence
Portrait of Caroline, Viscountess Sydney

Jan Weenix
Park with Country House
1670 - 1719

John Lavery
Portrait of Anne Ord, Lady Gywdyl
c. 1905

Hans Memling
Maria Portinari (Maria Maddalena Baroncelli, born 1456)
c. 1470

Frederick de Moucheron
A mountainous landscape

Thomas Gainsborough
Portrait of Lady Caroline Draper

Bernardo Daddi
The Crucifixion
c. 1325-30

Charles François de Lacroix
A capriccio with the Fort Saint-Jean, Marseilles at dusk

After Nicolaes Berchem
Drovers with cattle and goats before a bridge
18th Century

Giovanni Lanfranco
The Prophet Elijah Awakened in the Desert by an Angel
1624 - 1625

David Teniers the Younger
Venus and Cupid

Sebastiano Ricci
An angel and mule from The Flight into Egypt

Corneille de la Haye
Madeleine of France, later Queen Consort of Scotland (1520 – 1537)

Thomas Lawrence
Portrait of The Hon. George Fane (1819-1848), later Lord Burghersh, when a boy

John Hoppner
Portrait of William Gifford reading a book

Charles and Michaelina Wautier
The Calling of Saint Matthew
c. 1650-60

David Teniers the Younger
The Blind Leading the Blind

A Lock, a Column, and a Church beside a Lagoon

Peter Paul Rubens
Old Woman and Boy with Candles
c. 1616-17

Domenico Puligo
Portrait of a lady, as Mary Magdalene

Hans Memling
Tommaso di Folco Portinari (1428-1501)
c. 1470

Circle of Jürgen Ovens
Saint Cecilia

Giulio Cesare Procaccini
The Adoration of the Magi

Studio of Peter Lely
Portrait of a lady, three-quarter length

Gabriel Metsu
Young Man Smoking and A Woman Pouring Beer
c. 1656-58

Bartholomäus Bruyn the Elder
Portrait of Jakob Omphalius (1500-1567), 1538/39

Bartolomeo Vivarini
The Death of the Virgin

Giovanni Battista Benvenuti, called L'Ortolano
The Madonna and Child
c. 1515-20

Follower of David Teniers the Younger
Figures fishing in a landscape with a castle in the distance

Lawrence Alma-Tadema
My Sister Is Not In

Baldassare Franceschini
An Allegory of Fraud

Gabriel Metsu
Woman Cleaning Fish
c. 1657-58

Christoph Amberger
Portrait of Barbara Schwarz

Francesco Trevisani
Christ walking on the water

Joshua Reynolds
Portrait of Miss Taylor, daughter of Archdeacon John Taylor, half-length, in a white dress with a pink shawl

Josef Mangold
Red poppies in vase

Bamboccianti School
A Shepherd Boy in a Landscape

Circle of David Teniers the Younger
A Toper holding a jug and a glass before a fire

Joshua Reynolds
Portrait of Robert Mayne, M.P., long bust-length, wearing a red velvet mantle over a red velvet coat white cravat, in a painted oval

Angelica Kauffman
Electra offering a lock of hair to Chrysothemis, within a painted oval

Attributed to William Frederick Witherington
Extensive landscape with figures and cattle by a river

Edmund Bristow
A Black Horse in a Landscape, Windsor Castle Beyond

Thomas Gainsborough
Cattle grazing under a tree

George Smith
A wooded landscape with cottages by a pool, a town beyond

William Marlow
A distant view of Rome from the North

George Morland
Figures on a beach, possibly on the Isle of Wight

Giovanni Battista Salvi
The Virgin in Prayer

Netherlandish School (probably Brussels)
Saints Mary Magdalene and Mary of Egypt with a kneeling Franciscan Monk before the Fount of Mercy
c. 1515-20

George Romney
Portrait of Frederick Howard, 5th Earl of Carlisle (1748-1825)