Gerard Dou

A Poulterer's Shop

Gerard Dou - A Poulterer's Shop


Catalogues raisonnés
W. Martin 141
HdG 186
Werner Sumowski, Gemälde der Rembrandt-Schüler I, Landau/Pfalz, 1983, nr. 296

Collection catalogues
Neil MacLaren, revised and expanded by Christopher Brown, The Dutch school, 1600-1900, London, 1991, pp. 107-108, plate 91
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Desmond Shawe-Taylor and Quentin Buvelot, Masters of the Everyday, London; Brussels, 2015, fig. 42


collection of Willem Lormier, The Hague and one of the seventeen pictures sold by him on 27 June 1748 to the Marquis Voyer d'Argenson
apparently still in the Marquis Voyer d'Argenson's collection c.1754
Duc de Choiseul sale, Paris, 6 sqq. April 1772, nr. 14, bought by Brea
Prince de Conti sale, Paris, 8 sqq. April 1777, nr. 322, bought by Langlier
Duc de Chabot] sale, Paris, 10 sqq. December 1787, nr. 28, bought by Dulac for Dupré
Jean-Francois Coupry Dupré sale, Paris, 21 sqq. February 1811, nr. 14, bought in
purchased in Paris by William Beckford, December 1814
in the catalogue of the W. Beckford, Fonthill Abbey, sale announced for is October 1822, nr. 1, the sale did not take place, Fonthill Abbey and its contents having been bought by Farquhar
Fonthill Abbey sale of 10 sqq. October 1823, nr. 248, bought by John Smith
collection of (Sir) Robert Peel (Bart.) by 1829
National Gallery, London, purchased with the Peel collection, 1871

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National Gallery, London Accession number NG825

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Gerard Dou An Interior, with a Woman eating Porridge
An Interior, with a Woman eating Porridge

Gerard Dou Old Woman Eating
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Gerard Dou Portrait of a Young Woman
Portrait of a Young Woman
c. 1635-40

Gerard Dou The tooth puller
The tooth puller

Gerard Dou
A Poulterer's Shop
58 x 46 cm
Oil on panel
Signed on the edge of the sill, below the peahen: GDOV (GD in monogram)
The National Gallery, London