Hans Memling

The Annunciation

Hans Memling - The Annunciation


Catalogues raisonnés
Lane 48

Collection catalogues
Charles Sterling, Maryan W. Ainsworth, Charles Talbot, Martha Wolff, Egbert Haverkamp-Begemann, Jonathan Brown, John Hayes, The Robert Lehman Collection, New York, Princeton, 1998, nr. 14


Prince Michael Radziwill, died 1831
his son, Prince Anton Radziwill, died 1833, Berlin, by 1832
his son, Prince Wilhelm Radziwill, died 1870, Berlin
by descent to Prince George Radziwill, Berlin. died 1904
his widow, Marie Branicka, Princess Radziwill, Berlin, until 1920
acquired by Philip Lehman from Marie Branicka Radziwill through Duveen Brothers in October 1920

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Metropolitan Museum of Art Accession number 1975.1.113

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Hans Memling
The Annunciation
76.5 x 54.6 cm
Oil on panel
Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York
The Robert Lehman Collection